Exposing The Hollie Greig Hoax & The Lies Of Abuse & Murder


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/07/2008

In the summer of 2000, Hollie told her mother, Anne, that she had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Denis Charles Mackie and brother Greg. The abuse had begun when Hollie was just six years` old. Hollie said that Greg had also been abused by his father.

Anne Greig reported this immediately to the local police station in Aberdeen. During the course of that summer, Hollie, who has Down`s Syndrome, began to provide more names of abusers. It transpired that Denis Mackie had been sharing his daughter with a ring of sexual abusers, which included a serving police officer with the Grampian force, Terry Major and an Aberdeen sheriff, Graeme Buchanan.

Medical and other evidence supported Hollie`s account and Grampian Police accepted the truth of Hollie`s statement. Nonetheless, no action was taken by Grampian Police against the perpetrators and despite Anne Greig`s persistence, the Procurator Fiscal, now Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini prevented any police action taking place.

In fact, the authorities instead attempted to discredit and intimidate Anne by having her forcibly taken to a mental institution, with the intention of handing Hollie back to her abuser father. Fortunately, Anne Greig had the presence of mind to have herself checked by a leading psychiatrist, who proclaimed her perfectly sane, a view with which even the institution were forced to concur.

In the years that have followed, Anne Greig has persisted in her attempts to bring the abusers to justice, not only for the sake of her own children, but also to prevent these dreadful practices continuing against others, which includes adults with learning difficulties as well as children.

It was only in 2009, when the News Of The World courageously broke the story, concentrating on the hitherto unheard of fact that Hollie had received payments from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority for crimes that have not even been investigated.

The measures to cover up this terrible story continue unbounded by the authorities.

Several years ago, Denis and Greg Mackie went to live in Portugal. On 8th May 2007, immediately following Madeleine McCann`s disappearance, Anne Greig, accompanied by a victim`s support witness, went to her now local police station in Shrewsbury to tell them to alert the Portuguese Police, as despite the proven case of paedophile abuse, neither of the Mackies had a record of any kind. The McCann team has accepted that the Mackies ought to have been questioned immediately. It is now understood that the British Police failed to pass on these details to their Portuguese counterparts.

Hence, the official cover up has even extended to detracting from the Madeleine McCann investigation.

Investigators have already informed us that discoveries of other paedophile rings in Scotland has been discovered, but it is clear that certain senior figures of authority are prepared to obstruct the course of justice and allow the known sexual abuse of some of society`s most vulnerable people to continue unabated, just to save their own skins.

The Hollie Greig story is now widely known by the media, police, legal, medical and political professions.

The facts are beyond dispute.

The only question that remains will be as to who has sufficient decency and courage to bring this and other issues to a just conclusion.

Robert Green



  1. Slamdunk said

    Sad story–thanks for bringing attention to it.

  2. Zoompad said

    Robert, why were you arrested? Please can you get in touch with Senator Stuart Syvret, Stephen Green, the UK Column, UKsecretfamilycourts (on YouTube) and as many of the other human rights campaigners as you can, thanks

  3. http://www.youtube.com/my_playlists?pi=0&ps=20&sa=0&dm=0&p=3A16BA900DFF55F7





    Here are some links to youtube videos playlists exposing the CIA and Satanic ritual abuse of children at Bohemian Grove, and other top-level officials exposed too.

    Some of the videos on the playlists have been removed and deleted by youtube or the CIA to protect themselves and their filthy brethren.

    Keep exposing the predators, make them know that the general public know what they are up to, even if the general public don't want to acknowledge what is going on with the higher-ups (scum of the earth)

  4. Alan said

    Thanks for the article Robert. And 'bravo' to you for taking up this issue. I am disgusted not only at Hollie's plight, but at the total injustice of this whole mess.

  5. Paul said

    I don't know what sort of government we need that would have the will to sort out these bottom hugging scum suckers, but it would have to come from a party that's never been elected to office before, it seems to me, because all those who are familiar with the corridors of power seem to be steeped in this filth culture and go along the lines of least resistance, afraid that their tender little snouts might be rudely ejected from the public money trough if they start making waves for those who are higher up the 'food chain'.

  6. This is of no surprise to me at all, I think we should look deeper as to why justice is being ignored…Because so many very high up Men, Judges, Doctors, Police are part of these highly secretive Rings Which have been going on for years both here and abroad Men will not be brought to Justice when so many other men in authority approve and are part of the Ring

    This is endemic of the Corruption at the very heart of our society Just like rats we are within 10ft of a paedophile at any given time….Wake up and see that paedophiles are not men in dirty old raincoats They are the pillars of our communities seemingly very respectable that's why they are getting away with it….They are Our Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Uncles


  7. GEORGE said

    Face book have just taken down the support page for Hollie!

  8. David said

    Everyone with half a brain knows the police forces in the UK are basically run the the masonic orders.Quite clearly a masonic fraternal cover-up. It is not really talked about, but Scotland is rife with freemasonry and their tickley handshakes and meetings behind close doors. Makes me sick. An absolute tragedy for this poor girl. It reflects so badly on our society that we cannot protect our most vulnerable, even after everyone is aware of the facts

  9. jonnymac said

    Parents in Aberdeen should really be worried who is doing the “checks” on the people in charge of their kids on ,Adventure holidays, Boy Scouts, Boys Brigade, Sea Scouts, Girl Guides, Playgroups etc etc ,Of course its OK its the Police and some senior members of the Leagal System !!!!!.

  10. I hope Hollie goes on to make a full recovery at least, she looks like a great girl x

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