Exposing The Hollie Greig Hoax & The Lies Of Abuse & Murder


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 15/11/2009


Brian Gerrish`s speech at The Grand Hotel in Broad Street Bristol – part of the Thistle Group of Hotels, was made to an audience of around 400 people made it all worthwhile!

It was a long day up at 03:30hrs. to drive from Warrington in Cheshire to pick up Hollie and her Mother Anne in a small village just outside Shrewsbury driving rather to a deadline as we had to be there in Bristol and find our way to the hotel somewhere in the centre of the City having parked on a busy Saturday morning in time for an 09:00hrs. start – no ifs or buts as Brian Gerrish who had agreed to present Hollie’s case was the first speaker of the morning.

We did wonder on the way if anyone besides us would have braved the weather as the reports were of at the very least hell fire and brimstone with every ditch, reen, streamlet and naturally both The Wye & Severn threatening to burst their banks in a jet stream of gales – undaunted we! To be fair the weather was at times approaching a Michael Fish event but that said there were around 400 people by a rough head count and full use of fingers and toes!

Clearly no truth in the rumour that the weather was a ‘conspiracy’ organised by some secret agency of the Government headed by owls and lizards to prevent Hollie’s tale being told!

I was particularly pleased to see at least one MP in the audience and as luck would have it he was from Hollie’s home region of Aberdeen and was thus all the more informed of the characters named by Brian in his presentation and the Videos filmed afterwards!

The presentation was very well received and numerous pictures were projected to support the words which were screened about Hollie. Then he went on to talk about Hollie`s ordeals, a very strong reference to Anne being attacked in her own home in front of Hollie by the authorities who pinned her down removed her underwear and forcibly injected her and then forcibly dragging her from her home to be sectioned!

This occured after Hollie had named her abusers. You can well imagine the added trauma for Hollie seeing the only person in the world she knew she could trust shoved to the ground, stripped and forcibly injected! Then removed from the house herself with no further contact with her Mother. Neither understanding nor having honestly explained to her what was happening!

I was pleased to note that Brian also mentioned the cover-up although without naming Elish Angiolini, as The Lord Advocate of Scotland quite clearly being involved in the cover up.

Fortunately Brian seemed to appreciate the significance of Alex Salmond’s failures to act in this matter; he did proceed with a powerful attack on Alex Salmond, who was aptly shown to be failing the people of Scotland, doing nothing after being made aware of all the details of the case for the past four months.

Brian produced a picture of a dead fish to symbolise Salmond`s ineffectiveness and lack of concern. No doubt the people of Wimbledon where he was born will blame it on his having repaired to Scotland to feather his nest and the Scots will blame it on his weak southern upbringing!

The UK Column`s BBC story was widely distributed and as soon as an electronic copy is to hand we will put it on this blog.

I was fortunate enough to have a chat with Aberdeen-born Norman Baker, the MP, afterwards sufficient to progress the matter with him in greater detail in the future. Fortuitously Brian had had the opportunity to spend some time briefing him more fully on the case.

Hollie was tremendously encouraged when he made a point of seeking her out and encouraging both Hollie and her Mother Anne.

Fortunately there was plenty of opportunity for socialising (so grandly classed as networking but amongst a sea of strange faces I know I shall spend much of Sunday puzzling as to whose face matches which business card!!

During one of these breaks we were approached by an American TV crew and spent some time being filmed with Brian acting as interviewer, talking to Hollie, Anne and me.

The main American, Anthony ?, also interjected with separate questions to us all.

On the video interview for the TV I took an aggressive stance by naming Sheriff Buchanan and Terry Major, explaining that most of the rapes took place at the home of Buchanan`s sister, Evelyn & her husband Jack Buchanan – active participants! I then went on to unequivocally expose Elish Angiolini, both for her initial cover up and for lying to her own department just a few months ago. I said we had exposed this conclusively by the production of MSP Brian Adam`s letter.

With Elish Angiolini quite clearly acting to suppress the matter 9 years ago, as the correspondence on this blog very clearly shows, the enormity of just how many forced rapes and gross abuses had occurred either from her witting or unwitting collusion is staggering.

There just is no wriggle room for her and as Lord Advocate I believe we are entitled to know just what is her mallign involvement in this case and what hold has she over Alex Salmon.

Suffice to say that normally the position of The Lord Advocate is a political appointment and although Elish Angelini is a Labour appointment inherited when he came to office one is forced to wonder how she has retained her job rather than be replaced with an SNP lawyer of stature – surely McCaskell can not be the only lawyer that Salmond can call upon!!

I also raised the issue and soundly criticised Salmond for failing to dismiss Elish Angiolini as his Lord Advocate, since we had clearly exposed her dishonesty to Salmond some months hence.

Breaking new ground, at a videoed public meeting, I turned my attention to the various threats and worse against those who had tried to bring out the true facts in Hollie’s story.

These included:
the likely murder of Robert Greig (Anne’s brother and thus Hollie’s Uncle who we believe caught her Father in ‘delicto flagrante’, some 3 weeks earlier).

the inexplicable collapse of the BBC`s firm commitment to the story on 10th June 2009.

the recent dismissal of press officer John Smithies of The Down’s Syndrome Association, by CEO Carol Boys herself a lawyer, after he had asked her to have Hollie`s story published, based on documents already in the public domain.

Additionally there are the persistent reports of the press being intimidated by Elish Angiolini`s office. Though I concede these various instances from different sources are hard to substantiate!

A local freelancer, Tony Gosling and his colleague were listening intently to all this, and when the Americans had finished, asked me if I would do a TV interview with him also, which I gladly did.

I largely went over the previous ground, but as an ex-BBC man he was particularly fascinated by that angle and my naming of the individuals concerned.

I also told of my failure to obtain any reply from either Mark Thompson or Sir Michael Lyons, despite some persistence.

Again I took an unequivocal line with Angiolini, showing how she may willfully have condemned an unknown number of defenceless youngsters to the horrors of rape and other unimaginable depravity, by covering up for her known associate Sheriff Buchanan in 2000.


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