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SK-H024 – R. GREEN > Crown (CO&PFS) – 18-Nov-2009

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 18/11/2009

SK-H024 – R. GREEN > Crown (CO&PFS) – 18-Nov-2009

Street & Number REDACTED

Phone Number: REDACTED

Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service
25 Chambers St
Edinburgh EH1 1LA

18th November 2009

Dear Sirs,


It has come to my attention that various unfounded threats have been made by the Crown office against the media, in particular, the journal known as “The Firm”. These have been related to me verbally, to deal with the Lord Advocate`s spurious attempt to evade the responsibility incumbent in her office.

Is it your contention that the Lord Advocate abrogates on the duties and decisions of the predecessors in office?

Does the law fall on the strength of the incumbent?

It must be seen that political and judicial offices are contuum. Thus, Mrs Angiolini, in acceptance of her office, accepts the responsibility of that office and not just the salary. Therefore, I bring to your attention again the failure of the Lord Advocate to adequately respond to Brian Adam MSP`s letter of 27th October 2000.

I appreciate that it would be in the interests of the Lord Advocate to imply that there was only one miscreant, selectively ignoring, without naming, the other fifteen!

The Lord Advocate is in dereliction of her duty. That the incumbent was Mrs Angiolini is a matter of indifference to me considering the issue at stake.

May I ask why the Lord Advocate has failed in her duty of care?

I also note, with some disgust, that an attempt has been made, dishonestly and corruptly, by a legal officer of the Lord Advocate`s office to maliciously and spitefully denigrate Anne Greig, mother of the abused Hollie Greig, perpetrating the criminal action taken against Ms Greig of unlawful sectioning on 5th September 2000. It is known and in the public domain that this was a crime and an assault and that it has been shown to be malign by way of the reports written by Dr Ellen Smith and Dr Alastair Palin, the latter withdrawing his earlier collusion in the crime.

I find it an atrocious reflection of the Lord Advocate`s office that they would demean themselves to misrepresent the facts and perpetuating, thereby colluding, the crime against Ms Anne Greig on 5th September 2000.

In order to save you the embarrassment of a Freedom Of Information application, please be so good as to name and identify all documents pertaining to the disclosure of medical reports and/or allusion thereto, in the conversation with The Firm.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Green

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