Exposing The Hollie Greig Hoax & The Lies Of Abuse & Murder

SK-H079 – 14-Jan’10 – R. GREEN > Peter WATSON

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/01/2010

SK-H079 – 14-Jan’10 – R. GREEN > Peter WATSON

From: robert green [mailto:bluesmangreen@hotmail.com]
Sent: 14 January 2010 17:11
To: peterwatson@lemac.co.uk
Subject: The Shocking Story of Hollie Greig

Dear Mr Watson,

With regard to our recent communications, I am proposing to both publish and include the statements in forthcoming speeches. Although this a provisional rough draft, I trust that you will accept that what I have to say about you and your firm is neither untruthful nor inaccurate.

I`m sure you would support the necessity for prevention of serious crime and that every effort should be made in the greater public interest to ensure that the perpetrators and those responsible for perverting the course of justice should face the legal consequences.

“Sheriff Graeme Buchanan and the rest of the paedophile gang must, in the short term at least, gain satisfaction that they enjoy the protection of the current Lord Advocate to carry on raping and sexually abusing children and those with learning difficulties. By extension, that protection extends to covering up for the murder of Robert David Greig, almost certainly involving a member or members of Buchanan`s gang.

However, the Lord Advocate`s desperation to conceal the truth from the Scottish people about her conduct may be deduced from the understanding that a private law firm, thought to be Levy and McRae, has been instructed to threaten legal proceedings against any section of the Scottish media who might publish factual evidence that may implicate the Lord Advocate in the Hollie Greig case. Such involvement may well be of a criminal nature.

Mr Peter Watson, senior partner and head of litigation at Levy and McRae did not feel it appropriate to comment on if his firm had been so employed and if so, whether its fees were billed to the Lord Advocate personally or were being settled by the Scottish taxpayer. If the latter case is found to exist, this may well by regarded as an abuse of public funds. This is in no way suggests that Levy and McRae may have behaved improperly. There is no evidence to support that.”

I would be interested in your comments, as I do not wish to suggest that your firm has done anything wrong, other than have had an unwitting and innocent association with the issues raised.

Robert Green

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