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SK-H092 – 10-Feb-2010 – Hollie regarding the threats claimed to be from Greg McKei

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 10/02/2010

SK-H092 – 10-Feb-2010 – Hollie regarding the threats claimed to be from Greg McKei

This site was first posted on on 22-Oct-2012 and material from the original
http://StolenKids-HollieGreig.blogspot.com were imported upto 03-Mar-2010.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.

For details of the background we would ask you to read the PAGE CLICK HERE


Hollie has asked me to write this because she and her Mum had a long discussion about the green ink letter below which has been sent to their friend Tom George who they have spoken to a fair bit recently.

Although the letter claims to be from my brother Greg I do have my doubts and it might be one of the other abusers pretending to be him. The element of doubt creeps in because although he hasn’t contacted us for 10 years now we remembered him as having been brighter than this letter would portray.

The Greg we knew way back then when he last took any interest in me was not the sort to ‘rant’ in the sort of incoherent manner he has here. I guess a lot may have happened to him in the intervening years that has pushed him over the edge, don’t forget his strange relationship with his Father!
You read the letter and see what you think:

In a message dated Wed 10/02/2010 16:04:17 GMT Standard Time, justiceforhollie@gmail.com writes:

Dear Mr George,

Whereas, it is my understanding that; all men are created equally
under one Creator, and, to deny me my Right is in Breach of the Law,
and those guilty will be fully liable and punishable within Common
Law. Whereas it is my understanding that equality before the law is
paramount and mandatory and, furthermore I claim the right to lawfully
exercise my “common law rights”, unhindered, unencumbered.

I am the brother of Hollie Marie Mackie and the son of Anne Elizabeth
Greig. Furthermore, I speak on behalf of, and, with the lawful
authority of Denis Charles Mackie, father of Hollie Marie Mackie and
ex-husband of Anne Elizabeth Greig.

Justice for Hollie.

Attacking my family and being complicit in the abuse of my
sister is irresponsible, unlawful, inappropriate and careless. You are
failing to respect the authorities and the law. I do not hide my
conviction that what you are trying to do is criminal.

You can surely admit publicly, yourself and the others, no defence
exists whatsoever when it can be shown these allegations are false.
My sister is defenceless, I beg you to please start protecting her
as soon as possible. The campaign is “Justice For Hollie” is it not?
Please contemplate and realise the far reaching implications of
your highly damaging allegations being false. You are taking
carefree, advantage of my family.

Justice for Hollie.

It has come to my attention in a google search that your name, a
telephone number and an email address can only be found associated
with websites associated with an unlawful campaign irresponsibly,
inappropriately and sickeningly degrading my sister Hollie Marie Mackie.
It cannot be denied this campaign is a cheap, disturbing publicity stunt
with the underlying motive in exposing corruption in Scotland. You are using my
sister in the most horrific way imaginable and it is disgusting

It has come to our attention you claim to be spearheading a campaign
in Scotland, however, you have also published documented evidence
that imply my mother Anne Greig paid for your services. Can you please
clarify your relationship\position and tell me where I can read about
this unlawful campaign? Do you deny you started this campaign?


It has come to our attention your correspondance letters.

It has come to our attention Annie Lennox did not support Anne
Greig as was falsely reported in the press by my mother. It has come to our
attention this untrue comment can be attributed to you. I await your
clarification as to your relationship with my mother, but it does
appear you seriously misled Anne Greig. Does Anne Greig know
this is untrue?

Please remove all offending links, blogs and your offensive material
immediately and reply to confirm your stance. If I am not satisfied
I will send you a list of my complaints in full to address.

Justice for Hollie.

I suggest you have been misled in making your conclusions
and clearly no effort has been made by yourself to verify and
authenticate the serious allegations you are authoring, editing and
publishing. Your motive goes beyond the attempt to help anyone
your motive is political. My opinion is that it is an unlawful, vengeful,
irresponsible public witchhunt involving a defenceless, manipulated,
severely handicapped, dependant adult woman, publically, without
dignity, in fear, in effective servitude, forced to repeatedly retell,
proposterous, explicit sexual stories, and, to degrade herself for the
will of others, in front of strangers, on the internet, in the press,
to the authorities and dishearteningly, alone, and, without the mental
capacity to protect herself or change, realise, comprehend,
rationalize, or perceive the implications of her own actions, the
actions of others or the effect these actions have on others.
Furthermore I fail to see anyone acting responsibly and protecting my
sister from this abuse and maintaining her dignity.

Clearly, the aftermath of these attacks are becoming very time
consuming and are incurring damages. Your particular attempt to insinuate
an unproven conspiracy theory involving my family is irresponsible,
pathetic and total fiction. For my family it is another tragedy.

The claims you are making are clearly very serious:-

I ask you where does anyone document factually
your unproven story and the accusations you claim?

Is there any evidence of an alleged ring
of conspiracy that does not come from the mouth of a
handicapped scared adult woman who doesn´t want her mother
to be unhappy or genuine proof of abuse?

Forgetting the alleged abusers, Is it not a fact none of the other alleged victims
corroborate any part of this politically minded publishing scandal
spearheaded by yourself? How can they it is fantasy.

I state categorically, the story my sister told my mother is untrue.
If you wish to continue campaigning do it lawfully. Do not break the law
based on a very poorly researched damaging theory. We used to be a
very close happy family. What happened to my mother nine years
ago is tragic. My mother irresponsibly rejected all of her life,
family and friends. We love Anne and Hollie and we did not believe
Hollie was in danger until you highlighted, my mothers continued
denial and this worries me greatly. I cannot force you to see the other side Mr George. But it
can be proven beyond doubt. Everywhere there is all this talk about the lord advocate,
lawyers, accountants, nurses; this story involves my entire family Mr George, every single
person in Anne´s old life and a few people nobody knows and the other involves
Hollie doing what makes her mother happy. On the one side physical
abuse on the other mental abuse. Who is protecting Hollie from mental

The campaign is Justice foe Hollie. Please contemplate and realise
the far reaching implications of your highly damaging allegations
being false. You are taking carefree, advantage of my family.

I ask you to swiftly and urgently act to make amends. I ask you
to stop attacking, and stop taking advantage of my family. I am
reasonable and I await your response for seven days. I have only
asked you to act appropriately, lawfully and responsibly towards
my whole family. This is reasonable.

This correspondence is without prejudice to my rights and pleas
and together with your response or failure to respond may be
founded upon in any proceedings to follow hereon.

Yours Sincerely

Greg Mackie Without Prejudice

Well what did you think?

Even reading it again we were prety convinced it wasn’t him and if it is he has obviously slid backwards in life under his Father’s influence.

It does seem strange that he is making a big thing out of his so called concern for me! My brother and so called father regularly abused me for years and we will be publishing the full 53 page statement from the Police shortly, together with their admission that they failed on almost all counts to acquit their duty and interview the criminals I named and provided evidence of, with medical reports that show my statement is true.

Now all of a sudden when friends finally look as if they may get justice for me and control these evil people so that they do not gang rape any other young boys or girls someone presenting themselves as Greg emerges from the internet with a hidden address!

They pretend to be concerned about me but don’t forget after they had stripped Mum of any family assetts from her Mum and Dad in a divorce which looked to be utterly corrupt, and then that they ran off to Portugal did make it look very strange and I do wonder whether that was some sort of deal so as not to be investigated as part of the Aberdeen paedophile rape group or for involvement in what does look very much like the murder of my uncle when he tried to help me.

Now all of a sudden they are pretending they are concerned about me – that is a bit much isn’t it when you think that although the Courts ordered my so called father to pay £900.00 a month for my upkeep he ran away abandoning me and I haven’t had so much as a Christmas card or even a note on my birthday, which is a bit horrid of them both. It is even more horrid when they suddenly pop up pretending to care!

I think Tom George’s letter below sums up what Mum and I feel:
FAO: “Greg Mackie”


You are of course free to phone us to discuss your concerns and your wholly inaccurate and defamatory allegations levelled towards us at any time.

Perhaps we might see each other in court along with Messrs. Watson, Anderson, Ms Angiolini et al.

We will not be entering into any more correspondence with you on this matter.

Scots Against Injustice



StolenKids-Hollie: SK-H091 – 09-Feb-10 letter TO Levy & McRae from Scots vs. Injustice.

( http://stolenkids-hollie.blogspot.com/2010/02/sk-h091-09-feb-10-letter-to-levy-mcrae.html )


( http://stolenkids-hollie.blogspot.com/ )

Child Rapists Protected By The State

‘Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable – expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,
it is for the gratification of the inadequate
To understand the Concept & Service of StolenKids-
where you can help yourself and others at:

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3 Responses to “SK-H092 – 10-Feb-2010 – Hollie regarding the threats claimed to be from Greg McKei”

  1. TFGtv said

    Seems this guy is seriously worried about the truth getting out. Links to the Robert Green videos which I posted onthe Scottish Business Forums have drawn a series of fairly lame attempts to have me pull the links down…


    …Bright this guy isn't!!!

    • pyrite said


      • Hi,

        Jon Stevenson will note that I have edited the link he gave as it was to a particularly flawed and dishonest conspiracy site.

        However the basic question was, although phrased to imply a link, whether Mark Leask was connected to or one and the same person as The Herald’s Leaskey, with a claim that the Swedish police wish to question one or the other!

        Firstly there is no evidence of a link between Mark Leask, The Herald and Leaskey – merely what would seem a coincidental similarity of the name Leask and Leaskey.

        This sort of dishonesty is common amongst those seeking to invent and promote conspiracies – consider the utterly dishonest lies of David Icke which he manages for commercial gain and self enrichment such as his desperate effort to try to convince his readers that I, Greg Lance-Watkins, was one and the same as some chap provably born long before me called Lancelot Watkins – a claim he made in desperation to try to defame me in an effort to suppress the truth about the Hollie Greig scam he was promoting with Robert Gre4en and other low lifes.

        Consider the risible claim that Anne Greig’s elde3r brother was murdered, a STORY invented and promoted long after he committed suicide whilst suspended from his job and under police investigation over missing monery and/or stock in the bar he managed. The sad suicide was shown to have occurred after he had been drinking heavily over a long ‘session’ – as shown by the fact that there was evidence of a large quantity of alcohol consumed which was present in the form of undigested alcohol in his stomach, a high blood alcohol level and evidence in his bladder of urine which showed considerable alcohol intake.

        However the lies of the Robert Green promoted story he and others had invented would try to claim murder, for which there is absolutely no evidence, and the invented and uncorroborated claim that Roy Greig had caught his brother in law abusing Hollie Greig – of which there is absolutely no actual evidence of any sustainable nature.

        Neither Robert Green, Anne Greig nor any of their allies have EVER been able to provide one shred of valid evidence of any credibility to support their STORIES of the sexual abuse of Hollie Greig or of her uncle’s demise having been other than suicide.

        I trust this helps clear up some of the confusion spread by the lies of those seeking advancement of the STORIES that have been invented and promoted surrounding Hollie Greig.


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