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SK-H115 – Sheriff Graeme BUCHANAN’s Interdict TO SUPPRESS CLAIMS OF HIS ABUSE of Hollie!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/02/2010

SK-H115 – Sheriff Graeme BUCHANAN’s Interdict TO SUPPRESS CLAIMS OF HIS ABUSE of Hollie!


Here is a copy of Sheriff Graeme Buchanan’s Interdict (that is an injunction in plain English!) obtained from one of his chums in what seem to be the utterly corupt legal circuits of Scotland – time and again through organisations like The Spec. the Masons and similar the Courts seem to deliver the verdicts their chums want.

I’ve had Graeme’s statement read to me and it does seem full of inaccuracies!

It only takes into account his self serving point of view and as I have said in my statements to Grampian Police what he is saying just isn’t true.

This SEEMS to be some sort of ammendment so obviously it isn’t very relevant as it seems the first document is not in public domain circulation.

As a point of interest since this was sent out as a circular by Levy & McKrae I wonder if they were working for Ms. Angolini, Graeme Buchanan or one of the many newspapers they work for – it does all seem very irregular, corrupt might be a better word as it seems the process is corrupted in Scotland to suit their chums!

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2 Responses to “SK-H115 – Sheriff Graeme BUCHANAN’s Interdict TO SUPPRESS CLAIMS OF HIS ABUSE of Hollie!”

  1. 418 said


    What has SSOE got to do with all this?

  2. hollie said


    there seem to be connections with The Spec and as has been shown The Spec seem to harbour many involved in abuse and corruption of Justice in Scotland.

    I'm told there are other connections such as Dunblane, cover-up, The Magic Circle etc. You will also note the role Levy & McRae and Peter Warson were associated with Dunblane for instance – I only know a little bit but I trust the people who tell me about it because they have been totally honest in helping me.

    Perhaps YOU can help provide more links or maybe one of the people you pass the links to can.


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