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SK-H104 – WEST MERCIA POLICE Get Involved in Kidnap of Robert GREEN

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/02/2010

SK-H104 – WEST MERCIA POLICE Get Involved in Kidnap of Robert GREEN

Chief Constable Paul West

West Mercia Police
PO Box 55
Tel: 0300 333 3000

By email to:



Saturday 13 February 2010 (09:20)

Dear Mr West

Incident c.21:00 last night, Friday 12 February 2010, in the appalling case of Hollie and Anne Greig, Shropshire

We refer to the above case at the home of Anne Greig last night c.21:00, the details of which we have outlined in our official letter of formal complaint to the Chief Constable of Grampian Police, Colin McKerracher – see below.

We would appreciate you personally investigating this incident by your force and officers last night (instructed by Inspector Dowell from the Grampian Police Force it appears), and then unreservedly apologising to Anne and Hollie Greig for any upset, worry and distress your force and police officers may have caused them both.

We expect you to treat this matter with the utmost seriousness and to get back to us at the very earliest opportunity – feel free to phone us at any time to discuss matters if you so wish.

We look forward to hearing from you in early course.

Yours sincerely

Thomas George (et al)

Scots Against Injustice



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it is for the gratification of the inadequate

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