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SK-H107 – ScotsAgainstInjustice SEEK CLARIFICATION OF Robert GREEN’s Position

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/02/2010

SK-H107 – ScotsAgainstInjustice SEEK CLARIFICATION OF Robert GREEN’s Position

Colin McKerracher

Chief Constable
Grampian Police
Force Headquarters
Queen Street
AB10 1ZA
Tel: 0845-600-5700

By email to:


Saturday 13 February 2010 (20:50)

Dear Mr McKerracher

The Arrest of Robert Green by Grampian Police, Friday 12 February 2010 (c.10am)

We are still awaiting a response to our queries posed in our four emails to you yesterday afternoon and evening about the welfare of our friend Robert Green and your very bogus and trumped up “breach of the peace” charges – as cited in today’s edition of the Aberdeen Press & Journal PRESS HERE We look forward to more coverage in the media on Monday and thereafter.

We will be monitoring the events on Monday very closely and will be paying particular attention to Robert’s well-being, having by then spent 72 hours or more in your custody … for very suspect and dubious charges … and everyone out there can see that very clearly.

We hope you will respond to us by phone first thing on Monday morning at the latest and we look forward to Robert being discharged from your custody that day.

Our letters over the past 24 hours can also be found on the excellent blog and main forum for Hollie and her mother Anne, run by their very passionate and formidable friend, Greg – StolenKids-Hollie ( http://stolenkids-hollie.blogspot.com/ ). We are certain you and many others out there will have seen that by now.

Yours sincerely

Thomas George (et al)

Scots Against Injustice



‘Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable – expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,
it is for the gratification of the inadequate

To understand the Concept & Service of StolenKids-
where you can help yourself and others at:

To See The Links PageCLICK HERE

2 Responses to “SK-H107 – ScotsAgainstInjustice SEEK CLARIFICATION OF Robert GREEN’s Position”

  1. Himself said

    I wish you well and I hope you achieve your goal.

  2. hollie said

    Thanks 'Himself' YOU and anyone else can help just make sure people know what is being done in their name – Just put the web address:

    on every web site you can, FaceBook, Twitter, and link where you can.

    Let the daylight in and help stamp out Paedophelia and abuse of the young and the weak.

    It almost seems as if child abuse is a sheltered perk of State employment in an increasingly subourned Police State.

    Thanks for ANY help you can give us.

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