Exposing The Hollie Greig Hoax & The Lies Of Abuse & Murder


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/02/2010



I would really like to thank Scottish Law Report for having published the excellent summary we have reprinted below. It was read out in full to me earlier and I thought it covered the facts brilliantly.

I’d also particularly like to thank Tom George who has done so much to circulate the information and contact every single person in the EU Regional Council in Scotland having mailed every single MSP.

Also my thanks to The UK Column, not just for publishing the article by Robert Green but also for taking risks to tell the truth both in their paper and on their web site. I’ve been told that Robert Green’s excellent summary of the facts on his video which The UK Column had put on the internet on video has been forcibly removed – I presume in an attempt by the corrupt in Scotland to hide the facts. Never mind as it is on YouTube and there are lots of videos DVDs in private hands – I expect it will keep appearing on various sites around.

Do remember YOU can download a version when you see it on the web and put it onto other sites. Everything in the video is true so although the corrupt may bully and threaten they can only do that to suppress the truth and protect their chums and abusers.

Thank you to everyone who has helped particularly the journalists who could easily walk away and cover an easier story!

A HUGE thank You to Robert Green for his selfless and ethical stand against the forces of evil.

Sunday, February 14, 2010
Justice Secretary linked to Lord Advocate’s lawyers after Police arrest journalist over reporting of Aberdeen Paedophile gang claims

Robert GreenJournalist & Broadcaster Robert Green was arrested by Grampian Police on Friday. SCOTLAND’s CROWN OFFICE are said to be heavily involved in the arrest in Aberdeen on Friday of the well known England based journalist & broadcaster Robert Green, who travelled to the Grampian area late Thursday to attend a public protest against the lack of action by Scotland’s law enforcement agencies to prosecute identified individuals in an Aberdeen based paedophile gang, names which include key members of Scotland’s legal establishment and even a local Sheriff, who stand accused of serial abuse of disabled victims, including downs syndrome girl, Hollie Greig.

Grampian PoliceGrampian Police arrested journalist on ‘breach of the peace’. Grampian Police apparently swooped on Mr Green before he was even able to attend Friday’s planned protest, taking him into custody earlier in the morning on a charge of breach of the peace, which Mr Green had been detained on, until his appearance tomorrow (Monday) at Aberdeen Sheriff court, where ironically, Mr Green will be taken before a colleague of a Sheriff who was identified by one of the abuse victims as being an alleged member of the paedophile gang at the centre of the case, who are accused of abusing disabled victims & also passing vulnerable children around their ranks.

The Firm – Hollie Greig 2 Censored Lord Advocate & Crown Office censored online legal publication “The Firm” from reporting on abuse case. Scottish Law Reporter have covered the story of Hollie Greig on previous occasions, HERE, secondly, revealing Scots Law magazine “The Firm” were censored by the Crown Office HERE, thirdly, revealing that a private law firm had been tasked by the Lord Advocate to threaten & censor media investigations of the case HERE and most recently, where the Crown Office announced they would not prosecute the case, HERE

</Peter WatsonSenior Levy McRae partner Peter Watson acted against media outlets for the Lord Advocate. The case alarmed Crown Office officials and even the Lord Advocate of Scotland so much, a heavyweight law firm based in Glasgow, Messrs Levy McRae were brought in to threaten any media outlet who dare report on the allegations or identify anyone named by the victim and her mother, or involved the Grampian Police investigation. Mr Green reported recently alleged the investigation carried out by Grampian was very far from incomplete, apparently having omitted to interview many or all of the chief suspects, and victims.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskillJustice Secretary Kenny MacAskill linked to Lord Advocate’s choice of lawyers. Amazingly, it can now be revealed the Scottish Government’s current Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill has long standing ties to Levy McRae, the same law firm used by the Lord Advocate to threaten media publication of the Hollie Greig case. Mr MacAskill is now known to have served his apprenticeship at Levy McRae and also worked at the firm for a considerable time during his years as a solicitor.

Levy & McRae letter on behalf of Lord AdvocateLevy McRae sent out legal threats to websites, newspapers, & online forums. Mr MacAskill could not be contacted for any comment on developments in the case, and officials said he would not answer any questions over his previous involvement with Levy McRae. However, several MSPs alerted to the fact the Lord Advocate has used the same firm which once employed the Justice Secretary himself, have now vowed to investigate the goings on in the Hollie Greig case. An aide to an MSP today said there may well be a problem for the Justice Secretary since the Lord Advocate has used his old law firm, throwing up the question of conflict of interest and whether the intervention against the media by Levy McRae “may have implied Scottish Government support for the law firm’s work on behalf of the Lord Advocate.”

Anne GreigHolly Greig with her mother Anne – forced to flee to England after abuse. Since the journalist’s arrest by Grampian Police on Friday, reports of Mr Green, and his work investigating the allegations into the Aberdeen based paedophile ring have spread around the internet, along with a sequence of video clips of a talk the journalist gave to audiences on his work and the allegations into the abuse which had taken place in the Aberdeen area, leaving many to question why Scotland’s Crown Office had stamped on any chance of mounting prosecutions against people well known in the area who have been identified by one of the abuse victims, Hollie Greig, who, despite no one being charged after a Police investigation into the abuse claims, received £13,500 compensation (hush money ? – Ed) from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in April of 2009.

Hollie has been described by a Grampian detective inspector who himself gave evidence, as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim”, and medical evidence has apparently verified that Hollie has been abused.

Grampian Police are now known to have received hundreds of calls from people all over the United Kingdom and around the world, concerned for Mr Green’s wellbeing. It has also been revealed today that Anne Greig, Hollie’s mother has not been allowed to speak to Mr Green to establish if he is ok, or has the necessary legal representation for his court appearance on Monday.

The video clips, well worth a look while they still exist, can be viewed on You Tube at the following link : CLICK HERE

View the original article CLICK HERE

‘Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable – expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,
it is for the gratification of the inadequate

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  1. g said

    I was under the impression I had contacted the author of this blog.

    Clearly tyhe author of this blog is NOT Hollie.

    The author and editor, of the article in the UkColon um, who actually, are not bound by the Press Complaints Commission, the same as only 2% of publications nationwide have been advised their actions are unlawful.

    Anyone reproducing the inaccurate conjectures reproduced here are forthwith now advised.

    Justice for Hollie above all. Zero tolerance.

    There can be no excuse for being complicit in abuse.

  2. hollie said

    We agree totally in the concept of Justice for Hollie.

    We assume you are one of the many abusers since you are too ashamed to put your real name and contact details to your false and unfounded threats.

    Every word on this blog has been agreed with Hollie and her legal guardian before posting in spirit and has been read to them for their approval.

    Clearly that does NOT include your cowardly and offensive attacks on those seeking Justice for Hollie.

  3. Come on then fuckers, take me on. I DARE you


  4. I can only assume there is some truth in this,otherwise Robert Green would have been sued by all concerned,it's the Catholic Church all over again,and the Scotish Polaticians realise it would be bad for bussines.
    Polaticians don't think like real people.Gerry Adams springs to mind as regards to turning a blind eye you child abuse.

  5. Ayrdale said

    Copied this link to NZ.

  6. hollie said

    Thank you all.

    I see over 10.1/2 thousand people have watched just one version of the video!

    Thank you all as if we can make a difference for just one person and save just one person from abuse by exposing the corruption it will be well worth while.

    Even with a disability with help we can all make a difference!


  7. Katabasis said

    g@ 15 Feb 00:38.

    “inaccurate conjectures reproduced here are forthwith now advised.”

    Inaccurate conjectures? I can't speak with regard to Hollie's case, but you cunts did the same thing to my sister over a decade ago. Don't think I've forgot. I remember the pets removed and returned with their heads gone.

    I'm going to kill you motherfuckers with my bare hands when I find you.

  8. More fun with Graeme Buchanan


  9. 418 said


    Those representing you should hotfoot it down to Shrewsbury Magistrates' Court and launch a private prosecution against the alleged offenders: the defendants can thus all be named without being able to sue in defamation; the defendants will have to defend themselves or suffer the consequences; the evidence will all come out. Why has this not been done yet? (Don't try it in Scotland.)

    Shrewsbury Magistrates' Court
    The Court House
    Preston Street
    Shrewsbury Shropshire
    SY2 5NX

    Tel 01743 458500

    If it's not too late, you should bring an action for damages at the County Court.

    Shrewsbury County Court
    4th Floor
    Cambrian Business Centre
    Chester Street
    Shrewsbury Shropshire
    SY1 1NA

    Tel 01743 289069

    See also Liberty's website:


    “Private Prosecution

    Victims have no right to review a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute. However you can choose to initiate private proceedings. There is no legal aid available for this and if the case goes to Crown Court, you will need to involve legal counsel. The Director of Public Prosecutions – ie the Head of the Crown Prosecution Service – may take over the case at any time, and decide to discontinue it.

    In many cases it will be easier and more effective to bring a civil claim for damages rather than starting a private prosecution. The standard of proof is lower and a wider range of evidence may be used. However, a successful civil claim will only result in an award of compensation, which may not be enforcable (if the criminal has no money) or it may not satisfy the need for justice in the way that a criminal conviction would.”

    What has SSOE got to do with all this? http://ssoe.blogspot.com/

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