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SK-H109 – On the Make AND the TAKE?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/02/2010

SK-H109 – On the Make AND the TAKE?


Mum answered the phone just now and it was one of our friends North of the border from Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers (well there is someone who is never likely to be out of work! He could just start at ‘A’ on the membership list of The Spec CLICK HERE he’d find a life time or ten of work there! Then he could start on the crooked Banksters!)

Stuart had some fascinating information he has been told by what he described as ‘an impeccable source
LEVY & MACRAE (SOLICITORS OF GLASGOW) are the Legal Advisers to every mainstream newspaper in Scotland, with the one exception of “The Scotsman“.’

This does seem to move news management into a new league doesn’t it, Mum and I wondered if this sort of corruption was why we had been ignored and blocked by the legal crooks in Scotland and why Grampian Police had NEVER properly investigated our case but managed to arrest Robert Green for a breech of the peace that hadn’t happened! It is almost certainly why Mum was so corruptly treated during her divorce and even the money inheritted from her Mother seems to have been handed over to my so called Father.

It might also explain why my Uncle’s suspicious death wasn’t investigated properly, when reading the autopsy, which we will post soon, he would seem beyond much doubt to have been murdered!

With the Crown kicking around in the gutter and corruption rife with the same lawyers seemingly working for all parties to orchestrate a cover-up I guess that is how justice works in Scotland! It works for the well connected!

It really wouldn’t surprise Mum and I to see Robert Green hauled into court to find that horrid Sheriff Buchanan sitting in judgement – either way it is bound to be one of his cronies!

Having Levy MacKrae acting for almost all the papers must make it very handy for Angiolini and Co. to control the news in Scotland! No wonder Levy MacRae were not prepared to advise who their instructing client was or if they were being funded by the public purse or a private individual – it hadn’t occurred to us at that stage they may be funded by both and several newspapers as well!

“Her” Law Agents “just happen” to be the Legal Advisers for nearly the whole mainstream media in Scotland! We did wonder why she bothered to formally instruct them when a telephone call would have done the trick with L&M seemingly acting for everyone except justice all the time, but oh so secretly.

This is all so very Scottish and when you read other cases on StolenKids it probably explains why Spec members can do such damage to their wives and children and still having lied, bullied, assaulted, demeaned and abused still get the best deal out of the courts and win based on lies and money!

I guess that is why Mum and I had such ‘rough justice’ and why these people just seem to pass wealthy clients around amongst them making sure they win so that they can make more money out of them again later – even the lawyers seem to move firms with the loyalty of high class whores!

So very Scottish! The entire system in Scotland seems to be unarguably corrupt and incestuous!

We keep hearing of people who moved south to get justice!

This is Scottish Democracy at work.
Thank you so very much for telling the world the truth, Mum and I are so very gratefull & good luck to Robert Green later today at least as an investigator, a journalist and a radio presenter he will be able to make the truth known when he is released and they have already walked into the first trap we set them – I understand we were right and the Guest House we had searched out WAS run by an ex Policeman who is probably still a FreeMason with all the corrupt links to The Spec that that provides in Scotland.
Please think of Robert today as he is due in Court in Aberdeen.

I don’t know if YOU have phoned the Grampian Police on 0845-600-5700 to ask about Robert Green but they have got themselves in such a muddle they clearly don’t know whether they are coming or going because they gave out DIFFERENT information to different people – extraordinarily they were telling people their silly Mantra when the kidnap people:

‘We can neither confirm nor deny whether Mr. Green is in custody’

This was even after they had advised the newspaper journalists that he was then one of them let slip he had been taken into custody at the Guest House but the Free Mason spokesman at the Guest House was still denying it – probably weasel words, because he was not technically in custody inside the guest house, but if he was denying it surely he was telling lies as the police had given him back the boarding house key!
Not really the sort of service you expect from a B&B that charges £50 a night!

Interestingly on Friday night the Jennings, suggested Robert go to a restaurant for dinner, which they recommended and interestingly the owners are friends of the Syms who you will have seen mentioned for entirely different reasons on this blog already I think! (NOT Debby & Tony who have had their daughter kidnapped by the state CLICK HERE)

Make your mind up George as Alice’s story was different – this is where Robert Green was staying CLICK HERE give them a phone call and see which version you get!

Maybe they have been given a pre prepared statement to read out like the clowns at Grampian Police Headquarters, I wonder if two people phone Grampian Police on 0845-600-5700 to ask about Robert Green whether the police have more than one copy of their script or if they have different ones?

The police were quite rude to one journalist when he phoned which surprised us but we didn’t know at that stage that it seems Levy & McKrae work for most of the parties in this case! I wonder if they work for Grampian Police as well!

Right I’m off for a bath and bed as tomorrow may prove to be another interesting day – I hear an MEP is taking an interest in the case and is reading up the details on the blog I suppose we ought to send the details to our MP CLICK HERE, as well I’m sure in the run up to an election he will help us anyone with a computer is welcome to let him know about this blog for us – thanks.

We also had a phone call from The Shropshire Star and they are doing another story on our case this week.

Anyway – Keep your fingers crossed for Robert.
Having just read this over the phone I couldn’t have said it better if I tried 😉

Good night,

‘Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable – expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,
it is for the gratification of the inadequate

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4 Responses to “SK-H109 – On the Make AND the TAKE?”

  1. g said

    Hollie is mentally and physically handicapped, her assessed mental age is of four years old. She is an alleged victim of sexual abuse, why is her picture being circulated? Who wrote this pretending to be her?

  2. hollie said

    I notice you neither put your name to your comment nor have a profile on the internet – are you one of the abusers as you seem to know more about Hollie than she does or her Mum.

    I write Hollie's blog to help her.

    EVERY consequential entry in her name is discussed with her and her Mum before it is written and then read to her and her Mum and approved before posting.

    Normally the details are discussed with Hollie's legally appointed agent as well but that is a bit difficult at the moment as he has been arrested and it seems falsely accused of 'Causing a disturbance' seemingly a trumpped up and thus dishonest claim.

    Are you man enough to identify yourself or ARE YOU one of Hollie's abusers?

    Hollie's legal guardian and Hollie have BOTH seen the blog and BOTH approve of the pictures used as with those used in the print media.

  3. g said

    This is insulting and disturbing.

    Unfortunately you and Hollie´s mother cannot author “in the name of Hollie”
    Your actions are not lawful or responsible and it is inhumanely degrading to Hollie.

    Appreciate Hollie can´t legally approve anything.
    Hollie doesn´t and can´t have a legal agent.

    Why are you so scared to tell readers who you are?

  4. hollie said

    Who I am is not relevant I am acting FOR Hollie and her Mum to get Justice along with many others.

    Unlike you we are working FOR Hollie with HER approval and that of her Mum.

    OUR identities are utterly irrelevant – on the other hand it is clear that you are making a point of hiding your identity and seemingly trying to pass yourself off as Greg her brother who hasn't given a damn about her for years – so what have you to hide?

    IF you had the slightest interest in the well being of Hollie or her Mum you would have made yourself known to them and along side us you would be helping to get Justice for Hollie and would be pleased at what has been done to raise the profile to get Justice for Hollie not cow tow to the abusers and campaign for silence!

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