Exposing The Hollie Greig Hoax & The Lies Of Abuse & Murder


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 15/02/2010


I hear from friends who have spoken with Richard, Robert Green’s son that Grampian Police in Aberdeen, having kidnapped Robert Green from what seems to have been one of their ‘snout’s’ houses and then held him refusing to:
‘Confirm or deny they had detained Robert’
except when they were telling other people different things and getting in a muddle as with the press who were given a completely different story.

Well I now gather that Robert’s daughter has made several calls to the police and is more than a little concerned for the well being of her Dad at the other end of the country. They have refused to let her speak to him which seems almost deliberately unpleasant when in fact she has done nothing wrong but that is the arrogance of Grampian Police I guess.

They have told her she will receive a phone call from him later today but who knows what instructions they have been given and by whom in what seems like a classic cover-up! I know from bitter experience that you can’t trust them!

Well anyway – I guess we had best all hope for the best as clearly to hope for Justice would not be in character of those who are controlling justice it seems what with Levy & McKrae seemingly working for as many sides as possible!

Anyway – Robert’s son has also told us that Cheshire Constabulary have gained access to his Dad’s house and have nicked his computer and a fair bit of his paperwork – including it seems a communication from Grampian Police that we didn’t know about that seems almost a threat from Grampian Police that seemed to state that if he dared to come to Aberdeen then he could expect a particularly hard time – sure gives you confidence in the protection you can expect from public servants in a Police State where it seems the Police are just the lackeys of the Lawyers!

I can’t think what the Police have taken his computer for and I do fear they could load almost anything onto it and then charge him with having illegal material on his computer!

Well do YOU trust the Police? If so you are in a diminishing percentage as they have lost sight of their job to protect the public and now seem to believe they work for the State as political goffers and tax collectors! You only have to look at how they have failed me on every count yet they KNOW I was a victim of abuse over many years and they KNOW who the abusers were – well if they didn’t believe me why did they try to buy me off with a large cash sum yet do nothing to interview the people I had named.

So now we have The Chief Constable of Grampian Police seemingly hand in hand with protecting those who I have been trying for years to expose for abusing me or failing to investigate properly.

McKerracher has now embroilled the Chief Constable of Cheshire David Watton popping round to blag Roberts drum and stitch up some evidence and make sure he can’t function on the internet or type letters on his word processor. Handy having a nationwide team willing to act without establishing the details, or so it would seem!

Before that he involved West Mercia Police and had Chief Constable Paul West’s staff knocking on our door which was quite scarey as we had been worried all day what had happened to Robert who after all was only acting for us to try to get the truth into the public domain.

Surely we are entitled to Justice not harrassment! When someone has gone missing and the police turn up at your door it is hard not to believe the worst.

It is a bit scarey when you consider that there is every reason to believe my uncle was deliberately killed and burnt to death in a car having been struck on the head and had his stomach filled with whisky when he NEVER drank whisky because he didn’t like it! He was in a PARKED car but he had a fractured skull from a blow and no trace of alcohol in his blood recorded but a large quantity of whisky in his stomach!

Despite all these suspicious circumstances Grampian Police made no serious effort to investigate. Just howmany unconcious people do they get who then drink a bottle of whisky and park their car so that they can set it on fire?

Well let us hope that the authorities come to their senses soon and appologise to Robert Green and compensate him with a nice holiday in one of their other safe houses! Then they can return his computer and the rest of the property they have purloined.

At least they know that there is nothing material on this computer that isn’t already on the internet.

By the way have you seen the cowardly messages from the anonymous person on the comments section trying to prevent me getting Justice and claiming I have a mental age of 4 – just check on all the medical reports – nowhere does it make this claim and it has clearly stated ‘Hollie is a reliable, credible and trustworthy witness’, that is in the medical reports and also in the police reports.

Talking to Mum we are fairly sure it is one of the abusers trying to pass himself off as my brother Greg. It is unlikely to be Greg as he hasn’t so much as sent us a Christmas Card or even a birthday card since he and his father ran off to Portugal leaving Mum to cope as best she could! Rather implausible that he claims to be concerned about me when obviously if Mum and I didn’t agree to the facts becoming public they wouldn’t – you have to wonder at the motives of whoever is sending these threatenning attempts to suppress the truth and pretending to be concerned about me!

Well let’s see what today brings – I hope it is good news about Robert Green.

Please think of Robert today and wish him well as he has shown a lot of courage in his efforts to expose evil and has acted ethically at every instance to try to bring Justice for Mum & I.

Thank you everyone,

Hollie and her Mum have totally agreed every word on this blog and every posting is read out to Hollie and where she doesn’t understand something she asks and either I or her Mum explain it to her.

Of course the actual words aren’t Hollie’s but the facts are facts and the comments in Hollie’s sections are EXACTLY what she has approved. ANY change of mind or detail Hollie doesn’t approve of or understand is clarified, altered or removed.

This is Hollie’s blog and she really is very gratefull that so many people are helping her and that literally 100s of 1,000s of people are taking an intertest – astonishingly over 6,000 people have watched Robert Green’s video presentation on YouTube alone and there are lots more copies dotted around to see the presentation CLICK HERE there are several routes to view the film if one isn’t working or if they try to suppress the truth by trying to take it off the internet.

I gather there are copies of all the material on disc and also ready to go on line in places as far apart as Argentina, Rumania, America and Venezuela!

There is also a set of copies on DropBox.com which can be collected anywhere in the world but that has all been done by someone I don’t even know!

‘Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable – expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,
it is for the gratification of the inadequate

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where you can help yourself and others at:

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