Exposing The Hollie Greig Hoax & The Lies Of Abuse & Murder


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/03/2010

This site was first posted on on 22-Oct-2012 and material from the original
http://StolenKids-HollieGreig.blogspot.com were imported upto 03-Mar-2010.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.

For details of the background we would ask you to read the PAGE CLICK HERE



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StolenKids-Hollie – Hollie Greig |81.132.154.xxx |2010-02-25 15:40:18


thank you for featuring this story as the British media would seem to be effectively gagged
by the threat of losing Government advertising – you will note that The Government and its
Kleptocratic QUANGOcracy are now Britain’s biggest single advertiser and the risk of losing
government advertising ‘concentrates the mond’!

I have published your article on the blog with
suitable links having spoken with Anne & Hollie Greig.

Thank you again – if I can be of help my
phone number is:
0 (44) +1291 62 65 62

Thanks again from Hollie & Anne.

USED TO BE PROUD BRIT – THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |82.10.152.xxx |2010-02-25 17:26:01
This is not in our news in the uk ! it`s being covered up .
Not many people
know about this !
YET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

margaret coward – hollie greig |78.150.39.xxx |2010-02-26 06:55:35
i would like to point out that this story was being covered in uk on david icke site. for the past
2 weeks there has been a lot of information covering this. looks like someone is running scared,
david`s site has been shut down. my very best wishes to hollie.

justyc – Thank you |81.83.93.xxx |2010-02-25 17:51:38
Thank you so much for having the courage to bring forward Hollie’s story.

The UK press had been
gagged and are too cowardly to ignore the (requested) D-notice placed on coverage, choosing instead
to assist in the cover up by those who perpetrated the crime, ironically the same people who are
supposed to protect us.

It seems the only way to get this story out in the public domain is to go
outside of the UK and hope those with a heart will shame those whose job it is to report this in
their own country.

There is a bigger can of worms opened by this story and Robert’s arrest – they
are rushing through laws trying to prevent ordinary people from reporting these crimes online under
proposed ‘stalking’ laws and journalists to be at threat of libel cases and worse for trying to do
their job.

We salute you for your courage in publishing this story and hope everyone reading it
will help in whatever way they can to pass it on so that more peopl…

Maureen L – Good on you ! |86.5.19.xxx |2010-02-25 19:16:11
Good on you Peter Eyre for having the courage to write this article .. it’s appalling that this
story is still being swept under the carpet .. the whole criminal justice system is rotten to the
core for refusing to investigate this properly .. that photo of Sheriff Buchanan makes my skin crawl
waric – tony blair ,operation ore |86.21.141.xxx |2010-02-25 19:20:40
http://www.theprogressivemind.info/?p=30813,,,this is going to get a lot worse,if he has done this

Pat |72.198.122.xxx |2010-02-25 19:47:21
The hottest fires of hell aren’t hot enough for these criminals. My heart goes out to that little
girl and her mother.

Cat Callahan – none |68.13.108.xxx |2010-02-25 19:59:42
Pedophilia is rapant in the US-especially among the elites such as George H.W. Bush, Dick Chaney and
many others to numerous to mention here. All you have to do is read THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP: SATANISM
AND CHILD ABUSE IN NEBRASKA-and you will get the picture! It is horrible! I have been told by people
in surrounding states that if you are a convicted pedophile or molester or rapist and want custody
of your minor children, all you have to do is move to Nebraska and the social workers will ‘fall all
over you’ trying to help you get your wish!

StolenKids-Hollie – Hollie GREIG |81.132.154.xxx |2010-02-25 21:30:03

For those who wish to follow this case in more detail first thank you for raising the profile
to The Palestinian Telegraph but do read Hollie’s blog at:

YOU have been the victim of State abuse or a victim of corrupt officials and state employees are the
victim of sexual or physical abuse in Britain see:
and be
empowered as Hollie has been by getting your story in the public domain.

Thanks and good luck,

Marcus W – Nasty spirits |81.224.244.xxx |2010-02-25 21:46:14
Oh this is not the first story of this kind I have come across. To many through the years.It’s as it
was in the past. If you have the right connections you can get away with even murder. But soon this
might be weaknesses of the past. I hope for new leadership around the world. And for a start in with
Ron Paul in USA and away with Brown in England.

Krista – Disgusted. |97.115.197.xxx |2010-02-25 22:26:48
I am DEEPLY disgusted by this article. So much so that I have emailed it to every news and radio
channel in Arizona. The thing that makes me so sad, is that I know this is not the only case of such
thing happening. It’s just the only case being brought to our attention at this moment. In fact, I
had a similar thing happen in my family with my aunt and grandfather, except he was a private
investigator and she didn’t have DS. My family still denies this happening, and the only record of
such is in my Aunt’s case files from her psychotherapist and her own journal. So this hit a
particularly sour spot in my heart. I hope to see these criminals brought to justice very soon,
along with every single person who had anything to do with the cover up.

ali wehrlie – re: Hollie Greig |75.165.132.xxx |2010-02-26 01:57:59
Thank you for sharing this sad tale. May your effort on behalf of Hollie be blessed. But even more,
may you be blessed for your efforts on behalf of the people of Palestine.

wade sabean – justice is needed |82.167.34.xxx |2010-02-26 05:22:10
The authorities in Scotland need to be brought to justice. There is no excuse for what happened and
is still happening to Hollie and her mother. The father needs to be brought to justice. The British
Government should take all necessary actions to bring all the paedophiles to justice.

Stella – A breath of fresh air |195.93.21.xxx |2010-02-26 06:20:03
My heartfelt thanks goes out to Peter Eyre and The Palestine Telegraph for having the courage to
cover this story. I had almost given up all faith in the press. I truly hope that this article
will do something to bring justice for Hollie and all the other children abused by the system.

C |86.142.177.xxx |2010-02-26 07:44:12
Thank you for bringing the light of truth to this matter.

Caroline H |196.25.255.xxx |2010-02-26 08:52:30
Well done for publishing these evil deeds that the other British papers are too cowardly to touch
… seems their number will soon be up as the truth keeps coming out. Thank God for people like you,
David Icke and the internet ….

Carl Friar – Repect |95.146.196.xxx |2010-02-26 09:07:05
Buig respect for printing this article. The more we expose these jilted human doings, the more we
will become human beings.

Tea and cake round mine when all this is out in the open ;0)

stuart usher |213.120.15.xxx |2010-02-26 09:19:17
Whatever happened to the much vaunted FREE PRESS in Britain. It used to be sort of FREE but no
longer now. It is free to lampoon Politicians, titilate the masses with women wearing thongs and
generally lower the morals (and the morale) of the British people but NOT FREE to expose criminal
activity such as Paedophilia, Rape, Fraud, Money laundering, Robbery and so on when these crimes are
commited by people within the British Legal system and particularly within the Scottish Legal
system. Hardly surprising when one considers that it is a lawyer who tells the editor what he is
allowed to publish.

The hope is that the media in the outside world will publish the Hollie Greig
story and that this will be the catalyst to rescue us poor souls in Scotland from the miseries of
the lawyer directed tyranny which rules Scotland at the present time (and to a lesser extent the
rest of Britain).

For further info on paedophile and crooked lawyers…

DoloresJackson – EVERY UK MP Emailed |81.152.117.xxx |2010-02-26 12:23:25
I emailed this story to every single MP in the UK Via mensaid site and not one has

Lets keep getting the truth out as Brian Gerrish started and is continuing to

God bless Hollie, her mother, all the children who have been tortured and let us back

We are an army of angry people and our aims will be met via peaceful and truthful methods.

Strongbow – So Angry and want justice! |86.44.198.xxx |2010-02-26 12:55:52
I remember hearing an expression along the lines of ‘Satanic ritual abuse is the glue that holds
‘The System’ together’! It makes my blood boil to think of these vile cockroaches abusing and even
murdering children on a consistent basis and never being brought to book for this. The msm here in
Ireland and the UK would rather concern itself with cheating footballers and corrupt politicans than
real stories which would show the world the bastards that REALLY govern us. Well done Palestine
Telegraph, that was a very informative and well written article. Hopefully it should now start to
gather pace and these scumbags will be brought to justice!

Dawn Hilton – – Hollie GREIG |78.144.66.xxx |2010-02-26 13:40:09
Thank you for posting this story, peace to Hollie and her mother.

Sadly, this is going on in the UK
and the USA to name but two countries, Africa is another place.

Godbless the children.x

Erika H – well written explanation of situation |74.72.226.xxx |2010-02-26 13:44:41
I have been following this story on http://www.davidicke.com
forum and thank you so much for writing this
article. It is the most concise and clear article surrounding this case. The government
seem to be
implicated in a cover up around this.

Frederick – You just discovered the illuminati |72.158.92.xxx |2010-02-26 13:56:53

You have just discovered the living embodiment of the ancient religion of
Babylon. Some call them illuminati, free-masons, or a hundred other cults. But they all have a
unifying thread. They serve demons and they hate Jesus Christ. They express their hatred of Jesus in
many ways, the chief of which is raping and torturing the most innocent and helpless among us, our
children. Their current head-quarters is the Vatican, which should come as no surprise, since that
vile institution has been organizing pedophilia for the last 1200 years.

Read a Bible. Only Jesus
can save this planet.

nannyknowsbest – Thanks – |95.148.191.xxx |2010-02-26 16:50:21
How disgusting and, in a way, bizarre that, in order to find out what is happening in one’s own
country (the UK), one has to find out from abroad.
Apart from the truly disgusting facts surrounding
this case, it is almost beyond belief that, in a “so called” free country, that this has not
been mentioned in a single newspaper here. There is no question that they are simply not aware of
it, I know of hundreds of people who have informed them (although I was under the impression that
finding news was their job not ours). They have simply decided not to run with it. Probably for fear
of “upsetting” those who “make the rules” – the very same people who seem to be
these disgusting abusers.
The safety, security and happiness is, in my simple mind, the ONLY reason
that we are put on the planet and, as seems the case here, others, with sick and perverted
“habits”, seek to overrule the very law of nature. It is the i…

Dylan |86.151.165.xxx |2010-02-26 17:44:06
It is no surprise to me and others in Aberdeen to hear about this abuse of this vunerable young
girl, and it starting from the age of six years old. Aberdeen is the most corrupt place in Scotland.
The Police are involved in organised crime, drug dealing and protecting criminals. They pervert the
course of justice, lie and fabricate evidence against victims to protect their criminal friends and
Police Informers, who are allowed to break the law by stealing, drug dealing, car crime, and
organised crime. They refuse to even interview these criminals. We have had three Chief Constables
in Abrdeen that can only be described as nothing but criminals, senior Officers are known
Paedophiles. The Procurator Fiscal’s in Aberdeen over the past 15 years have been involved in
protecting these criminals, refusing to prossecute them for crimes. The present Lord was the
Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen and refused to prosecute proven fraud by Grampian Housin…

JG – Mrs |86.7.36.xxx |2010-02-26 17:45:04
The more people like us speak up and tell all our contacts and friends, the better.
Time we as a
mass put our voice together and demanded Justice, with these very sick people being charged and
thrown into a cell with all the scum bags involved in this wicked sordid affair.
No matter how high
the have climbed on the social ladder and hide behind titles or badges, they have to be shown for
what the REALY are and not the illusion they present or the mask .
We should also demand to know
were thousands of children disppear each year and are never found!

Trevor Rhodes |124.183.157.xxx |2010-02-26 17:56:38
congratulations on being brave enough to enlighten others to the cover up’s and pedophilia
entrenched in high places that has been and will most likely be present and underlying world wide

the very people in whom we put our trust and respect carry out abominable things to children under
the noses of the justice and clerical overlords it is not condoned BUT it is IGNORED
thank you from
the parents of Australia

Anon – Victim |96.240.81.xxx |2010-02-27 17:56:45
I been a victim of such as a child too and it was my father. He recently passed and it is hard to
have even normal life after that. I basically never had a normal life and I am in my 50’s.

I wish
we could end this horror for ever. I know others that has been though this.

craig henry – What? |212.69.45.xxx |2010-02-28 00:57:08
This article and the story itself get no coverage in the UK because it is pure and simple garbage.
Robert Green, the man who claims to represent this family, is an irresponsible and proven liar as
well as a convicted criminal.

these allegations have been printed by the UK press but were the
subject of a retraction and an appology to those involved for exactly that reasom: that Robert Green
abused the the vulnerability of Holie Greg and her mother in order to gain cheap publicity for his
election campaign.

I wouldn’t imagine this comment will be allowed to remain because Mr Green has
his own band of followers who simply will not allow it.


may I ask on what you base you claim to intimate knowledge of the values and beliefs, aims and aspirations of Hollie Greig and her mother Anne – Craig Henry.

I note that you even throw in a spot of mind reading – that you claim Robert Green has done this for political purposes is risible – who, living in Warrington would choose to stand as an INDEPENDENT single issue candidate in Aberdeen, a town he had never visited?

I do hope your comment is allowed to stay as it shows you for a total pratt and one has to wonder at your motivation – but then again you have probably much to hide and have used a false name.

I dined with Robert last week and I have absolutely no doubt of his integrity having worked with him on this issue since he became aware of it just as I first became aware some two years ago when Anne & Hollie first phoned me for help.

Craig Henry your libel is both base and baseless and from your stridency I incline to ask wherein lies your guilt?

‘Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable – expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,
it is for the gratification of the inadequate
To understand the Concept & Service of StolenKids-
where you can help yourself and others at:

To See The Links PageCLICK HERE

3 Responses to “aSK-H122 – Letters to The PALESTINIAN TELEGRAPH”

  1. dylan said

    Craig Henry Comment.

    This Craig Henry is obviously a paedophile, perhaps he is a relative of the paedophile Buchanan, who the Criminals and Paedophile protectors Grampian Police will not even interview.

  2. dylan said

    The British and Scottish Gutter Press are silent on the Hollie Greig case, well the Press is under the control of that crook Peter Watson of Levy & McRae. They are Scotlands top protctors of paedophiles and those abusing children and disabled vunerable children in Scotland. Is Peter Watson a Paedophile.

  3. Hi,

    I would contend that the greatest protection of paedophiles is provided by baying cults that fail to present factually based information and attack those seeking rationally and steadily over many years to expose and bring to justice paedophiles and those who abuse women and children.

    The reliable and responsible individuals tend to do less to avoid assocition with the self serving and self seeking nutters and those in the cults as with those who have exploited Hollie Greig by inventing unsubstantiable ‘STORIES’ of her abuse without sound admissible evidence or factually based argument.

    It is not Levy & McKray that have a case to answer in this instance but organisations like The Palestine Times and The Firm with their unresearched witch hunts!

    I accept and apologise for my part in being gullible and believing the lies of Anne Greig and Robert Green based on their promises of having the evidence and promising to provide it – it transpired they had no valid admissible evidence of any status.


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