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aSK-H126 – PT 03-Mar-10 – Things are starting to hot up

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/03/2010

This site was first posted on on 22-Oct-2012 and material from the original
http://StolenKids-HollieGreig.blogspot.com were imported upto 03-Mar-2010.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.

For details of the background we would ask you to read the PAGE CLICK HERE

aSK-H126 – PT 03-Mar-10 – Things are starting to hot up


Things are starting to hot up but today is a sad day for Hollie

Wednesday, 03 March 2010 09:37 Added by PT Editor maysaa jarour .

UK, March 3, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) – First of all I would like us all to share our deepest thoughts with Hollie whose dog died today. As we all know the dog was at the centre of Hollie’s life and became a tool for her father’s devious ways. It was because of the dog that Hollie’s mum Anne first got to know about her daughters suffering…..if we can recall…..it was her Dad who told Hollie what to do and if she didn’t cooperate he would kill her pet dog.

Hollie and Mum are extremely sad today because of the passing of her dear old dog which has deeply upset Hollie. Hollie has already been on Manchester radio and tonight she is going on two US Radio channels. They wanted to cancel their radio interviews but I asked Robert Green that they should continue on with the fight as Hollie’s dog would have wished this. Hollie has now decided to do the interviews and so we must offer our support in her moment of sadness.

On the battlefront things are certainly hotting up with the shutting down of Hollies Face book called – “We wont allow the state to cover up the Hollie Greig pedophile scandal” However all is not lost as we still have a couple of back up options on Face book which are – Hollie Greig/Robert Green and Justice for Hollie. I can only assume that someone has attacked other high profile people which rubs against the grain at this moment in time. It is counter productive to hit out at other third parties unless the evidence is beyond a shadow of doubt…..that is why my criticism is only on those associated with the case in Scotland.

If one focuses on these issue first then we are in with a chance of getting an investigation carried out and also possible a murder inquiry….therefore it is better to tread softly in order to achieve a result. Once the case is underway things will role out in a natural way.

I would strongly suggest that without delay a rally takes place in London with an assembly point outside somewhere very Scottish….then march to Trafalgar Square for a quick rally and round of speeches….follow by a march down to Number 10..this could also involve a petition that could be handed over upon arrival. I am sure that Hollie and Mum could head up the parade with Robert Green and Myself as key supporter. It could also be arranged for Scottish celebrities to participate and any Scottish political figures. We could also add some celebrities from the English end to add strength to the march and again any politicians from Westminister who would like to come onboard. I am sure that Claire Short and Baroness Tonge may also participate as they have ethical and moral values.

I feel the Arab community in the UK would also participate in this event with particular representation from the Palestinian sector who fully understands what it means to be treated in such a way as Hollie and her Mum. This same rally and march could also be repeated in Edinburgh should Number 10 not be in a position to address this issue that falls within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

The BBC failed to cover Hollies story some time ago as it was believed the team doing the show were threatened with their jobs. The recent arrest of Robert Green in Scotland also did not receive any coverage despite its connection with Hollie and this terrible story. One must also remember the connection with the murder of her Uncle Robert and the web of corruption and deceit at all levels of government in Scotland…..this story would normally break into a major scoop with front page headlines but as we suspect the British media has been gagged. I have inserted an explanation from the BBC as to why they did not run the story of Robert’s arrest and subsequent house raid etc

The wording of the document for those that cannot read it is as follows:

BBC Response Why they Won’t Publish Hollies Case

Thanks for your e-mail

I understand you feel that we’ve failed to cover a story relating to the arrest of Robert Green and you’re of the opinion that we’re avoiding the issue…….See more.

The choice of news stories to report in our programmes and the order in which to place them is frequently very difficult. Editorial staff always has a wide range of reports to be fitted into the time available and their choices have to be selective.

We know that a report that’s of great interest to one part of our audience may be of little interest to another but no matter how carefully such decisions are made it’s inevitable that some people will disagree with them.

However I note the strength of your feelings in relation to this matter and have registered your complaint on our audience log. The audience log is an internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and Commissioning Executives within the BBC and also their Senior Management.

It ensures that your point, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.


Gerald McCusker

BBC Complaints

In addition to sending all Hollie’s article to the Prime Minister at Number 10 I have also now copied them to:
David Cameron. Leader of the Conservative Party
and Key Ministers as well as
Nick Clegg the leader of the Lib Dems.

The email addresses are as follows:



I have copied the attached articles to Number 10 for comment but now also to yourselves in the hope that your conscience can do something about this terrible ordeal by Hollie, mum and other children that have all been listed by Hollie. The offenders have also been listed which include figures in high positions.

These are the links for the articles





I await your response with interest…….this email will also be published.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 2/2/2010

I have also emailed Esther Rantzen.

Up to the current time no responses whatsoever as one would expect. I expect that the Palestine Telegraph will continue to support Hollie and her Mum as well as Talk Radio Europe and other US Radio Channels.

Keep up the fight and believe that this story will break someone and come out into the open!!

Bless you all from the people of Palestine.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 2/3/2010

To view the original article CLICK HERE

CAVEAT: in principle the Hollie team very much welcome the support and interest of Peter Eyer and The Palestine Telegraph. Thank you to you all, particularly those suffering in Palestine from the oppressive regime which has done Palestine such harm and brought such suffering in their Zionist land and power grab.

We welcome the idea of a mass public involvement but feel that a demonstration over Hollie’s case and the corrupt justice, legal and governance system in the Scottish Regional Assemblies area of influence.

We do question however the wisdom of a mass protest in London as we do think that it would be difficult to mobilise enough supporters that were truelly involved, though they may care deeply, in London – so far from Aberdeen.
It also seems terribly unfair to disrupt the lives of ordinary Londoners by inconveniencing them with a demonstration – the very people we look to for help and support.
We also believe it would prove difficult to organise the relevant police and London EU Assembly licenses to organise a central London march/protest.
We also appreciate the complete irrelevance of petitioning Downing Street and consider the more legally valid deposit of a petition in Parliament to the Speaker’s Chair by a designated MP would be much more appropriate at a later stage.

Since Hollie, Anne & Robert are all too well aware of the risks of placing themselves voluntarily in the Juristiction of the corrupt Scottish EU Regional Assemblies control and in view of the distances involved it  is felt that it would be more appropriate to organise an event for supporters to meet Hollie & Anne Greig and Robert Green and to give them the opportunity to thank their supporters at a central location just south of the border at Berwick on Tweed.

More details of this and a proposed campaign of civil and lawful intellectual damage to the economy of Scotland to force change may well be further considered and details will be posted on the OFFICIAL campaigning and funding site at Justice4Hollie

‘Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable – expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,
it is for the gratification of the inadequate

To understand the Concept & Service of StolenKids-
where you can help yourself and others at:

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