Exposing The Hollie Greig Hoax & The Lies Of Abuse & Murder

DRAMATIS PERSONAE re The Hollie Greig Hoax / Scam

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/03/2010

This site was first posted To on 22-Oct-2012 and material from the original
http://StolenKids-HollieGreig.blogspot.com were imported upto 03-Mar-2010.

Additional material from that web site will be posted as and when it becomes available in my archive ‘system’.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.
DRAMATIS PERSONAE re The Hollie Greig Hoax / Scam:

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins

eMail: Greg_L-W@BTconnect.com





CAVEAT – This was the Official Site In Hollie’s Name ~ EVERY Posting was Approved By Anne & Hollie Greig & Robert Green until 30-Apr-2010

This was an OFFICIAL site for Hollie GREIG as per the conditions on:
Anyone wishing to promote Anne Greig’s ‘STORY’ about her daughter Hollie and the lies about her brother’s suicide is encouraged and requested to read the facts & details on the blog below. Thank YOU for any links or help YOU can give to other StolenKids Blogs that are genuinely seeking Justice.

In a Quest for the truth and desire to ensure Justice is seen to be done and that Anne & Hollie, who since 01-Jun-2010 have been under the protection of The High Court, we hope they get the care they need to protect them; and that the dishonest and corrupt like Robert Green, Brian Gerrish, David Icke, George McKendrick, Paul Drockton, Matt Quinn and their like are dealt with by the law – Do read the whole of this site and if you wish to discuss it in an adult and courteous manner or need more details please contact me.





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The aim is to study the available FACTS – establish the TRUTH & Ensure Justice is not only done but seen to be done.

It is clear that this story and the malicious and vitriolic abuse of anyone seeking through facts to establish the truth has been endemic in this apparent fantasy!

AYEM  a loyal neophyte of David Icke since 1993 – acts as a publicist for his chosen, if shodily researched, causes.
Has she realised she was duped?

BARR, Sandra – Sandra Barr of Northern Ireland basing a means of elevating herself on this story. All the personality of a viper when challenged in her route to self seeking and notoriety

Has she realised she was duped?

BENNETT, Tony – Tony Bennett came to prominence through UKIP as a vicious extreme and irresponsible Islamaphobe.
Fired by the MEP he worked for he then joined Veritas which slid into oblivion as his Homophobic involvement in the Stephen Lubbock killing burgeoded and now leading a McCann organisation of strange individuals obsessed with the case – clear blame is easily apportioned CLICK HERE which has led him to confrontation and seemingly silencing by Messrs. Carter Ruck but like ‘Freddy’ this most unchristian of evangelical Christians will re-emerge.
An individual who has proved to be not a man to trust – with a vicious self serving self interest and little regard for truth.
Seemingly has taken an interest in Anne Greig’s ‘STORIES’ but has as yet rejected them as unsound.

BUTLIN CAT hides his idiotic gullibility having fallen for almost every conspiracy theory he can find, his real name is John GRAHAM but obviously he is rather embarrassed by his idiocy and hides his identity.
I gather he is unemployed – could it be mental disability when one considers the number of different fantasies he openly substcribes to though unwilling to put his name to most – a measure of his stupidity is he is an avid follower of David Icke!!

DALY, Mark – Mark Daly (BBC) an investigative journalist from the BBC with a string of awards and a reputation for risk taking and going out on limbs for his stories. Showed Robert Green to be thoroughly dishonest on air (see Tony Rogers) showed and proved that Green had done no valid investigation, no duty of care and was little more than a dangerous and dishonest charlatan. The opportunity granted to clear his name of the false accusations levelled at him was Daly’s opportunity to show up Green’s ineptitude & endemic dishonesty, which most clearly he did.

CORR, Jim – Jim Corr a musician of some alleged talent who played keyboard for an Irish band comprising his sisters.
Now using his money, it would seem unwisely, to make a name for himself in the field of conspiracy theories – not surprisingly very little analytical judgement and seems to support any kook story that comes along, as with Condensation Trails from planes and now the ‘STORIES’ surrounding Anne Greig.
His name as a musician seems to carry some weight in other fields!!

Has he realised he was duped?

DROCKTON, Paul – Paul Drockton posts under various identities an aggressive, unbalanced gutter broadcaster in America beset with hatred and obsessed by sexuality, conspiracy and the Mormon Church an abuser and bully – no gutter too ordurous for his sick pleasure and delinquent interest in abuse! – astonishingly he clearly brings Jeff Rense into disrepute with his vile and vindictive self interest.
No sleaze too great to invent for him to raise his ‘Click Rate’ on his witless, charmless bedroom broadcasting. Derives income frtom selling investment tips, advertising and acting as >Click Bait< for questionable advertisers.

ELLIS, James – James Ellis  was clearly very much a key player for Anne Greig’s ‘STORIES’ fronting the Facebook site with Paul Phillips, he increasingly realised he had been duped and eventually withdrew issuing an apology in detail to anyone he had, in good faith, conned into believing this fantasy but let us leave it to his own words CLICK HERE

FOX, Sandra – Sandra Fox  (is known as SANDIE Fox rather than Sandra) a rather sad case – a single mother with heavily medicated depression and a sad self image, into self mutilation. Openly stated not to believe in the ‘STORIES’ but as a founder of a FaceBook site which clearly states it is not interested in the truth or facts but supports Hollie Greig! – how sick is that level of morality for a woman allowed to bring up children on her own, aided by the state!


Has she realised she was duped?

GEORGE, Tom – Tom George was clearly very much a key player for Anne Greig’s ‘STORIES’ who increasingly realised he had been duped, despite his extensive experience of dealing with Social Services, Social Injustice & Mental Health and eventually withdrew issuing an apology in detail to anyone he had, in good faith, conned into believing this fantasy but let us leave it to his own words CLICK HERE
“I find it utterly reprehensible that this fantasy circus has been allowed to escalate as it has by the English and Scottish authorities over the past year and people like myself, Paul Phillips and Greg Lance-Watkins have been subjected to the most horrendous public abuse, vilification and general bile for merely stating we were deviously duped by Green and got it wrong.  Greg Lance-Watkins continues to get death threats and this has got to stop immediately.” [Tom George, June 2010]

GERRISH, Brian – Brian Gerrish of The UK Column a Conspiracy comic using the story to promote sales/circulation and create a suppliment to his Navy pension, a hunted, haunted and paranoid little man with no sense of honour or integrity.
Loudly proclaims his so called christianity as a cover for his venal persuit of self interest.
As with many such Snake Oil salesmen he is very plausible glossing over difficult FACTS to build a tissue of conspiracies – his shoddy approach to the TRUTH undermines such credibility he may otherwise have deserved – utterly untrustworthy.

Has he realised he was duped?

GRAHAM, John – John Graham hides his idiotic gullibility, having fallen for almost every conspiracy theory he can find he passes himself off as ‘Butlin Cat’ his real name is John GRAHAM but obviously he is rather embarrassed by his idiocy and hides his identity.
His various web sites are a hoot with his childish gullibility laid out for all to see – including his having swallowed every scrap of fantasy about Hollie Greig, meanwhile sabotaging his own irritating and endless silly letters by ensuring he includes clearly foolish comments that undermine his posturings..

GREIG, Anne – Anne Greig – a lady with escalating ‘problems’ of paranoia and seemingly some issue similar to Munchausen by Proxy – problems that seem to have escalated since the untimely death of her Father when she was 11 and exacerbated by sadness and anger at the birth of so challenged a daughter who has been a 24/7 occupation/involvement/challenge for 30 years.
Now since 01-Jun-2010 placed under a protection order by The High Court to protect her from further exploitation by many on this list.

GREIG, Hollie – Hollie Greig – the ultimate victim in this scam – a Down’s Syndrome patient with various complications, born in 1979 – fortunately due to a mental age estimated at 3.1/2 in some issues but clearly well under 10 has no idea of what is happening and sees herself as ‘getting lots of attention’.
Now since 01-Jun-2010 placed under a protection order by The High Court to protect her from further exploitation and abuse by those, mostly on this list!

GREEN, Robert – Robert Green of Warrington Cheshire currently on bail under a charge of Breach of the Peace – the closest under Scottish Law to Criminal Irresponsibility & Harrassment it seems.
A liar, clearly willing to say or do anything to buy notoriety.
A menace to the good function of society – the adult leading the gullible and mentally damaged.
A classic Snake Oil Salesman – a grain of truth goes a very long way in a fiction!
Currently on Bail pending Trial in The Courts, currently working on increasing his sentence!

ICKE, David – David Icke – a liar, self publicist, charlatan, bully, abuser exploiting the gullible, the simple and the down right idiotic to create a comfortable life style and unwarranted income stream from his fantasies and dishonesty – a large following of fools and inadequates.
Dangerous in his half truths and endemic dishonesty.
A menace to the good function of society – the adult leading the gullible and mentally damaged.
A classic Snake Oil Salesman – a grain of truth goes a very long way in a fiction!

INNOCENT VOICES  see also MUIR, Maria, O’DONNELL, Hazel & MULHOLLAND, Isobelle – a web site with a pretence to aid genuine cases of abuse yet with a total disregard for some instances of abuse and no rigor in establishing facts.
More akin to extreme feminism of the Animal Farm variet – 4 legs Good 2 legs bad with blind disregard for the truth.
Seemingly bought loyalty by George McKENDRICK’s ‘donations’! I believe they have destroyed their credibility by seemingly prostituting themselves to such a low life.
Likened by one fool to ‘Mother Teresa’ where similarity ends at their sharing a blind faith and setting no store by fact or evidence it seems!

Have they realised they was duped?

KENNEDY, Brian – Brian KENNEDY a strange individual a multi millionaire who initially supported and funded the the McCanns anonymously now places himself firmly on their side in staying out of The Courts, believed to fund their lawyers and thus one would imagine acting criminally after the event as clearly the McCanns have done much to cover up their undeniable guilt in this particularly straightforward sad case for more details CLICK HERE .

Has he realised he was duped?

KOOB, Sarah – Sarah Koob  A claimed American of much mouth and little brain – seems all too similar to Paul DROCKTON not to consider as a clone/false ID.
Has she realised she was duped?

LOUDON, Lorraine – Lorraine Loudon of Glasgow a neophyte of McKendrick. Wrote a particularly vituperative letter to me but was embarrassed by the fact that she could not substantiate a single fact and having been showing off to a large mailing list and when challenged lacked the morality to apologise or the ability to respond – hence some call her Lorraine Loudmouth.
Particularly low self image as shown by pictures she posts of herself on the internet as a low life. I see having substituted her obscene gestures when clearly under the influence of drugs she now seems to emulate the Trout pout of a non celeb. Botox Failures!

MALONEY, Bill & Maria – Maria & Bill Maloney Producer of ‘Pie & Mash’ videos – sadly they seem dependent on his gratuitous use of foul language, largely undermining their credibility, where he presents himself as the professional victim and clearly seeking a role in life – Association with the ‘STORIES’ of Anne Greig and Robert Green leads one to wonder if his other claims are as bereft of facts and evidence of any validity.

MALPAS, Paul – Paul Malpas a multi millionaire reclamation and recycling rubbish handler with a turnover of over £10M a year and profitability of over 10% runs a blog from the west of Ireland somewhere which seems equally to recycle garbage but with less attention to detail and accuracy than the scrap and garbage he makes his fortune in.
Has taken an interest in Anne Greig’s ‘STORIES’ but has clearly checked no facts & makes a fool of himself as a result more garbage it seems CLICK HERE!. Some extra snippets CLICK HERE.

Has he realised he was duped?

McFERRAN, Ian – Ian McFerran his icon is of a creepy chappie in a dressing gown posing in a seedy flat, but unlikely to be him.
He claims to have been in the prison service but at which end is a ponderable! An outspoken poseure with a strident and accusatory manner unlikely to help anyone and all too unlikely to gain the aimed for support from authorities.
Prone to making a complete fool of himself by failing to check his facts and by low grade defamation.
Responds self importantly with glee, incited to ever more Pooteresque posturing in the reflected glory of the addulation from the gullible of the gutter.
Terribly pleased with himself but has to date not established a single fact or detail of consequence – endless reitteration, largely unrelated to the claims of sexual abuse!

McKENDRICK, George – George McKendrick a foul mouthed ignorant Glaswegian an untrustworthy, dishonourable and viciously obsessive, posts under false names Pitch, John Paul, Ren Ault, Pitch Fork, Gweegy and others.
Post after post in support of himself can be found on web sites with little or no stimulation! Likely to find himself back in hospital with a breakdown if not helped soon as he makes a monstrous fool of himself, egged on by his ego and the flattery of fools.
A vicious, vituperative and poisonous small minded excrecence with the morality of the gutter and a clearly perverse interest in abuse.
Intimated, by some who have known him and his sister and brother for many years, to be a deeply disturbed individual most probably an outcome of both genetics where he is closely associated by some with his brother who is self declared bi-polar and frequently manic – this genetic link may explain why George McKendrick is so disturbed, seeking revenge for the abusive bullying of his father and his guilt in regard to his debts to and abuse of his brother.
Much of this folly seems fueled as an extension of some crazy mental health, care in the community program, in Scotland!

McKENZIE, Belinda – Belinda McKenzie  a sad woman who takes on board almost any cause she can grasp – seemingly checks no details, and is willing to publish outright lies as facts, rather than make any effort to check her details – clearly utterly irresponsible and thus with no self respect and no reputation is used as a platform for and by the corrupt – either incredibly gullible, incredibly stupid or just vile by nature.

McLAREN, Lesley – Lesley McLaren a consumate Scottish artist who was a committed supporter originally, but withdrew when she realised it was a fabrication.
Subsequently battered and abused on the internet by some of the more disturbed proponents and then defaulted on by George McKendrick who reneged on a contract to buy a picture of hers; on sale in a Gallery which he maliciously named, as with the artist.
Currently in hospital after emergency admissions with Pancreatitus and Gall Bladder faults – consequential surgery on 30-Sep-2010.
We wish her a speedy and full recovery.
Whilst convalescing from surgery some evil supporters of the abuse of Hollie Greig cloned her ID to misrepresent her.

McLAUGHLAN, Niccola – Niccola McLaughlan a social attendee at various rallies clearly a damaged and gullible individual with little grasp of the facts. One of the more odious neophytes of the thoroughly shamefull McKendrick

McLEOD, Sarah – Sarah McLeod A Paul Drockton fan even before the ‘STORIES’ started!! Fan of Stuart Usher! Probably a strong believer in St. Jude!!

McSPORAN, Shona – Shona McSporan a fake name see STEVENS, Mary

MILNE, Steven – Steven Milne seeking personal attention with issues of his own, also posts under the fake name of John Taylor and no doubt others.
Has several blogs desperately trying to defame me, presumably for exposing his dishonesty and corruption. Laterly has started a blog in the pretence of being Robert GREEN – posting in his name!
Would seemingly have a hatred of Scotland and the rule of law, ever willing to debase and defame both.

MUIR, Maria – Maria MUIR  see also Innocent Voices. Blows in the wind and clearly easily influenced was a supporter of the ‘STORIES’ but realised there was no valid evidence and was particularly derisory about the gullible followers of the fantasy, but later duped into support – a neophite of George McKendrick with a poor command of the English language and the ethics to match.
Changed her views when paid £500 (a donation) by George McKendrick, she took exception to it being pointed out that it did seem she had prostituted her principles such as she seemed to have!

Has she realised she was duped?

MULHOLLAND, Isobelle – Isobelle Mulholland One of the members of Innocent Voices!

NELSON, Gabe – Gabe Nelson an Irishman with his own business who having at first fallen for the ‘STORIES’ subsequently realising he had been duped set up a Facebook site to openly and freely discuss the facts in detail to ascertain the truth but the likes of Matt Quinn, George McKendrick, Stephen Milne, Paul Drockton, Lorraine Loudon, and others in their own and assumed names were determined to prevent discussion of facts as clearly that would destroy their dishonest scam. Eventually permitted the site to die after trying to fend off these lies and liars.
On 10-Oct-2010 rather lost the plot having, it seems, been duped by various evil individuals and the dishonest creation of a false account – Sadly went unacceptably OTT in his misguided tantrum.

NOAKES, David – David Noakes CLICK HERE David originally put Anne Greig in touch with me in the knowledge of my track record and contacts – Knowing that I would seek out the truth and ensure all that I could do I would, to obtain Justice.
David was unaware that the ‘STORIES’ were ‘unsound’.

O’DONNELL, Hazel – Hazel O’Donnell One of the members of Innocent Voices!

PABS – Pabs Diabs – an internet identity of Paul Phillips.

PHILLIPS, Paul – Paul Phillips see also ‘Pabs’ The co founder of the FaceBook site that attracted 27,000 clickers. Was originally duped but made a public apology for having been duped and having in good faith misled others. Best  explained in his own words CLICK HERE and HERE also HERE

QUINN, Matt – Matt Quinn posts under several names, an aggressive emotional cripple with a huge and sick chip on his shoulder.
Poor Matt Quinn has for years sought out individuals he could show off attacking, on the internet, to gain notice for himself – duplicitous, cunning and obsessive, using his own name and others.
An occasional teacher at Stow College.
Locked in a cupboard this sad inadequate would pick a fight with the shelf above to prove his importance, to himself, a deeply disturbed little man who seems to believe that defaming and denigrating others elevates his own status, rather than showing the can of worms that is clearly his mind he lives in, not realising just how sick he is and how transparently – needs help.
Has to date written about 100 blogs endlessly and tediously doing rewrites of his fantasies about me – he is clearly as mad as a stoat! His obsessive filth without any consequential facts and clearly no purpose beyond trying to denigrate me to seem clever himself, does nothing more than expose his stunning obsessive nature and turgid pedantry – An individual I would not be remotely surprised to read of having finally gone right over the edge and committed some attrocity.
It is fortunate he has picked on me this time, where he fails to be of any consequence whatever – merely providing me with additional reasons to highlight the dishonesty of the STORIES Robert Green etc. are trying to promote.
Further details at: CLICK HERE
& a major update of facts CLICK HERE

RACCOON, Anna – Anna Raccoon is a nom de plume used by a well known and competent Blogger of long standing who writes a blog on a wide ranging and interesting selection of subjects. A blog which is widely recognised as a model in its wit, perceptive and incisive analyses and unfailing accuracy.
The author is a retired professional lady from Britain, now living in France.
Recently won an accolade from WikiBlogs for the quality of her output.
So abused and bullied by the Evil group seeking personal gain exploiting the fantasies surrounding Hollie Greig that she was denied ANY concept of Free Speech and was forced to quit her blog – an action that has exposed just how Evil the abusers are to a VERY wide range of some of the top bloggers in the world.
Anna’s error was to lay out the FACTS and show there was a dirth of admissible evidence making the ‘STORIES’ clearly inadequate for presentation in Court or even plausible.

ROBINSON, Mike – Mike Robinson a poorly informed conspiracy theorist and fantasist, writes for the UK Column, a limited circulation free conspiracy comic pandering to the gullible and the gutter.

ROGERS, Tony – Tony Rogers (Ledgend) of Manchester Radio who from featuring Anne Greig’s ‘STORIES’ and Robert Green’s plausibility took dramatic steps to disassociate himself once he heard intelligent, reasoned rebuttal and Robert Green’s complete inability to redeem the situation on air – it became clear to him that the entire scherade was unsustainable.

STEVEN, Mary – Mary Steven  see alias McSporan – latched on to Stuart Usher lost her belief in the ‘STORIES’ but seems unable to act with any conviction either way and fails to make efforts to expose the scam nor does she seek to clear the names of the defamed despite the clarity of her conviction that the ‘STORIES’ are unsupported.

TAYLOR, John – John Taylor – a fraudulent name: see MILNE, Steven

UK Column A risible excercise in self promotion – started out OK together with The Westminster News written and edited by David Noakes CLICK HERE Now sadly seized by Brian Gerrish it has become little more than a vehicle for his personal Conspiracy Theories, with little concern for evidence and to my certain knowledge no interest in facts or the truth as long as he can intimidate his critics and use a following of the gullible as his Rottweillers – a small distribution to justify a bit of advertising and donations.
The UK Column is a limited circulation free conspiracy comic pandering to the gullible and the gutter in support of Brian Gerrish’s dellusional paranoia.

USHER, Stuart – Stuart Usher a sad figure who has, it seems, many years ago all but abandoned his family to make something of a fool of himself seeking to redeem wrongs of property of yesteryear! Lays claim to having been swindled in previous generations and losing out on inheritted wealth that would never have come his way! Has turned this into a career as a campaigner, never missing an opportunity to defame Scottish lawyers but equally never providing adequate provenance of his claims.
If the gullibility of his stupidity is genetic it is little wonder his family lost their land a generation ago!
There is only one more step and that would seem to be a sandwich board proclaiming ‘the end is nigh’!


Sadly as time has progressed and more and more Facts have come to light the dirth of evidence substantiating the ‘STORIES’ surrounding Hollie Greig has become ever more apparent.

It is my personal opinion that, having studied this subject for over 18 months and read every item I have been able to obtain –
There seems to be absolutely NO admissible valid evidence substantiating the sexual abuse of Hollie Greig.

We now learn Hollieis not only a Down’s Syndrome patient but has a mental age assessed at around 3.1/2.

It is claimed Hollie can not lie being a Down’s Patient but this is clearly untrue, were the ‘STORIES’ true, as she lied to her mother for a claimed 14 years!

That Hollie’s Mother taking care of her 24/7 and her Doctor etc. failed to be aware from age 6 – 20 that Hollie had been regularly gang raped by adults is no longer plausible to me and it is unsupported by valid admissible evidence or in 2 Police Inquiries and a Police Complaints Procedure CLICK HERE.

I can NOT accept the hypothisis led that over 1,000 people have colluded in a cover-up without a single leak.

I am therefore left with the inescapable conclusion that I was originally duped myself and despite the evidence now made clear there are many dishonest people still promoting what is to me clearly a pack of lies.

It would seem the ‘STORIES’ are the fabrication of her mother in some disturbed state, similar to Munchausen Disease by Proxy & a cross between anger and vengeance.


There is also NO evidence that her Brother Roy died by any means other than suicide whilst very drunk CLICK HERE.






these facts are unlikely to prevent the sick minded who can not admit they were duped admitting same and beware anyone who tries to stop their delluded band wagon is likely to be attacked for stating their opinion based upon FACTS.



‘Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable – expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!

No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,

it is for the gratification of the inadequate‘.

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Additional material from that web site will be posted as and when it becomes available in my archive ‘system’.
It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.
I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.
Comments posted on this web site are moderated.
I regret the need to moderate the comments however ALL comments received will be posted other than those submitted anonymously, those which are ad hominem attacks, those containing gratuitous obscenity or offensive profanity and those which are palpably and provably dishonest in content or intent.
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I appreciate that as a result of exposing the criminality, corruption or abuse of others and/or providing a venue to enable others to do likewise – many who feel threatened by my actions will seek to discredit me in any way they can and will invent or distort facts about me.
I accept that is a risk, to which I expose myself, however I am well aware that my friends know the truth, others with integrity can check the facts by contacting me and the corrupt, dishonest and gullible who promote or believe the lies published about me must answer to their own shame in the long run! Frankly I care not a jot what such people’s opinion of me is as their willingness to lie about me or accept or promote the lies about me speaks volumes of them and very little about me and affects me not one jot.

There is never a wrong time to do the right thing – or to help those less fortunate than oneself, even if there is personal risk.


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