Exposing The Hollie Greig Hoax & The Lies Of Abuse & Murder

some Q&As Regarding The Hollie Greig ‘Stories’

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 31/12/2013

some Q&As Regarding The Hollie Greig ‘Stories’

This site was first posted on on 22-Oct-2012 and material from the original
http://StolenKids-HollieGreig.blogspot.com were imported upto 03-Mar-2010.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.

For details of the background we would ask you to read the PAGE CLICK HERE


18 Responses to
Collating Much of the Hollie Greig Fantasy/Scam”
which can be read in its original form at:

First may I make it absolutely clear that the post in question was NOT written by me and is a >GUEST POST< by a third party, which I have hosted on my blog in the belief that it is by and large accurate and casts a third party credibility on my belief that due to almost total lack of admissible evidence, lies, distortions, misrepresentation and dishonesty there is absolutely no credible reason to believe the ‘stories’ concocted by Anne MacKie (aka Anne Greig wife of Denis MacKei), the convicted criminal Robert Green, the obsessive Stuart Usher, the discreditted conspiracy theorist Brian Gerrish, the liar and self promoting scoundrel David Icke, the proven liar and pervert Matt Quinn and other charlatans.

I incline to believe that the third party author of the article in question may well rather over egg the belief that the Freemasons underpin the saga that Anne MacKie and her associates concocted but evil as the Freemasons are in some instances, I would contend that the ‘stories’ have been relatively easy for scoundrels to promote in the face of a slow moving and meticulous Public Sector and the desire of many to believe that people are fundamentally honest when in fact it is clear this is not true of those promoting the Hollie Greig scam.

I clearly exhonurate the unfortunate Hollie Greig from any blame in the construction of the scam as it is abundantly clear that she is the victim of both abuse and exploitation by those who have promoted the scam, and clearly she lacks the mental capacity to differentiate between right and wrong, fact and fiction and the grooming and misquoting of her by the scoundrels who surround her.

The conversation started out from the abusive and foul mouthed claim of the odious self styled liars & obfuscators at so called ‘Hollie greig justice’ (stet):

  1. Hollie greig justice said

    13711 words of shite by a maniac

    • Hi,

      this shows all too well the standard of debate of the Hollie Demanda Justice team and their foul mouthed determination to bully the gullible into believing their vile abuse of Hollie Greig is in some way justified.

      The saving grace is that it is clear that due to her mental capacity the unfortunate Hollie is oblivious of how she is being exploited.

      To date there has not been one shred of admissible evidence to support the stories that have so readily justified claims that they are all distortions, lies and inventions.

      Again and again I have challenged the advocates of the Hollie Greig fantasy to open, free, fair and decent debate – having published every document which they had quoted they were left only with issuing death threats and abuse to try to protect their implausible stories and then finally devote themselves to hacking the Hollie Greig Stolen Kids site to remove the facts that had clearly exposed their lies.

      Even to this day they dare not provide the documents that were published on the site and to protect their story, paedophiles and their own risible claims they publish lies and vile childish drivel to seek to defame those seeking the truth and exposing their dishonesty.

      Fortunately the Courts, police and media have the measure of their evil behaviour and have largely acted accordingly.


  2. js42uk said [JonStevenson42]

    no what it shows is a pithy and accurate critique of 13700 words of utter drivel

    • Hi,

      so just to prove my point someone calling himself Jon Stevenson turns up with more abuse – Not a fact to back his claim just an unpleasant and abusive manner, so very common amongst those desperately trying to keep the Hollie Greig fantasies afloat.

      Do note that to date not one single shred of admissible evidence around which a legal case could begin to be built has ever been produced in support of the ‘stories’ being peddled about Hollie Greig.

      Just abuse and malicious lies and bullying of anyone who dares to show that the entire story is founded on lies, distortion and fantasy. Unable to support the stories with anything approaching a plausible presentation of facts and admissible evidence the only route they seem able to take is to lie and try to defame those providing the facts that show the entire issue to be little more than a deliberate and criminal scam.

      I am the first to admit that to start with I was trusting enough to have been taken in by the lies of Anne Greig and Robert Green and tried to help them by setting up a blog site at their request, as a part of the Stolen Kids effort to expose paedophiles and the secret family Courts.


  3. PY said [JonStevenson42]

    yet ye still NAME them ,bully boy

    • Hi,

      Jon Stevenson’s comment is sadly fairly unintelligible – however if he posts again without being abusive or attempting to defame when he feels better in the morning possibly he will make more sense!


      • pyrite said [JonStevenson42]

        So WHY do you illegally name the accused and the abused on this blog,simple question?

      • Hi,

        were you to spend more time reading the facts presented on this archive of facts you might have read, on many occasions, the answer to your question.

        May I suggest you put more effort into establishing the facts and appreciating that there is absolutely zero admissible evidence to support the stories surrounding Hollie Greig and claims of her abuse by anyone other than Anne Greig, Robert Green and those who join with them in seeking to exploit her nor of claims that the death of her Uncle Roy was anything other than suicide.

        Let us not forget that as I was originally providing the web site for Anne Greig and later on for Robert Green I received the cop[ies of ALL the evidence they were able to provide – including the autopsy report and death certificate of Roy Greig.

        Also I was provided with the original list of those claimed to have sexually abused Hollie Greig and her supposed co-victims.

        I did not publish the list at the time however I did publish it AFTER Stuart Usher and Robert Green printed it out and distributed it at a public meeting organised by Stuart Usher in Edinburgh.

        I was wrong to have done so and had, like many subsequently, been duped by Anne Greig & Robert Green and their lies, which were made with such conviction that they seemed plausible and trustingly I foolishly believed them.

        As soon as I was certain there was not a shred of admissible evidence of any credible nature I gave Anne Greig & Robert Green due warning that if they were unable or unwilling to provide the evidence they kept claiming they had I would have no opption but to denounce them as at best delusional but more likely self sertving liars.

        No credible evidence was EVER forthcoming and I duely appologised to any who my gullibility had harmed and clearly stated that there was absolutely no case to answer based upon the original fantasies I had been foolish enough and trusting enougjh to believe.

        May I suggest Mr. Stevenson, if that is your real name and not some cowardly nom de plume, that you run along and check out the facts and hopefully you will have the intelligence to appreciate that you too were lied to and duped and hopefully you will have the integrity and ethical foundations to admit your errors and apologise to those you have so stridently and falsely berated.

        Perhaps you will have the courage to denounce those who had, like you, so offensively lied and sought to defame.


  4. Sharon Ann Zaki said

    Just to expand on Greg’s comments, it has to be said that he gives EVERYONE a right of reply on his comments section. He’s even generous enough to allow you ‘Hollie Greig Justice’ fraudsters a say. The same cannot be said about you. I tried to post a comment on the HGJ blog http://holliegreigjustice.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/the-hollie-hoax-squad-call-in-the-team.html but was blocked. All I was trying to say was: “Tell me, spawns of Satan, what price for selling your soul? How do you lot sleep at night?” The numpties did respond to my non-existent comment!: “SHAZZER DO YE REALLY THINK WE WOULD LET A LOW GRADE NUT CASE LIKE YOU COMMENT LOL! YOU ARE THE BRIDE OF SATAN!”

    What unbelievably pathetic creatures these charlatans are.

    • Hi,

      naturally I publish the questions and comments of those who write to me or this blog on this matter – for as long as they are not merely offensive, foulmouthed or abusive and if they provide their identity.

      Without PROOF of a genuine identity I do however reserve the right to NOT publish the comments of some.

      The aim of this blog is both as an archive and to provide such facts as can be delivered regarding the Hollie Greig ‘STORIES’ and the fantasies surrounding her uncle’s suicide.

      I have always been willing to discuss the matter with anyone who is willing to discuss the issues in a calm, polite and logical manner based on both opinion and provable facts.

      I appreciate that the claims surrounding Hollie Greig have attracted some of the most evil of individuals and the gutter sweepings of society hell bent on defaming anyone who dares to hold an opinion they wish to found on facts and admissible evidence.

      Consider the lies and fantasies of scum like David Icke, Belinda McKenzie, Matt Quinn, George McKendrick, Ian Milne, Brian Gerrish, Paul Drockton, Robert Green, Jon Stevenson, Ian Ferran and the many other low lifes who have crawled out from the sewers of society to exploit the unfortunate Hollie Greig.

      I publish the incoming comments as all too often the truth is best exposed by observing the style, stridency, abuse and belligerency of those seeking to promote or defend lies!


  5. js42uk said [JonStevenson42]

    So you continue to name the victims and the accused,despite the fact that its ILLEGAL and immoral ?

    • js42uk said [JonStevenson42]

      No you do not Greg as for the other commentator I have no idea what she is talking about

      • js42uk said [JonStevenson42]

        Who is Ian Milne? You really don’t inspire confidence when you don’t get these poor peoples names wrong.

      • Hi,

        yet again Jon Stevenson you presume to criticise and seek to denigrate yet never5 have you put forward any sound admissible evidence that could sustain a prosecution in support of your apparent fantasies regarding Hollie Greig and her uncle who clearly committed suicide whilst inebriated and under suspension from his job whilst being investigated regarding criminality at his place of work.


      • Hi,

        yes indeed Jon Stevenson I have noticed that you have difficulty comprehending both facts and comments that do not agree with your unsubstantiable beliefs regarding the Hollie Greig ‘Stories’.

        The failure to produce convincing or admissible evidence to support your stories seem consistent yet you presume endlessly to try, in desperation, to denigrate any discussion of the facts and the lack of provenance of the Hollie Greig stories.

        Let us not forget that having spoken to Hollie Greig on a number of occasions I am able to testify that her comprehension skills are only surpased by her lack of communication skills – leading to the sustainable belief that her speech and comprehension skills are as those of a small child – at times as low as three and sometimes arguably those of a 9 or 10 year old.


    • Hi,

      yet again Jon Stevenson I note you seek to impose your views and criticise the actions of others in promotion of your rather more obvious lack of morality and arguable criminality in repeatedly endeavouring to promote the discreditted claims of Robert Green, Stuart Usher, Anne Greig and others who promote the discreditted stories of the sexual abuse of Hollie Greig and the death of her uncle Roy regardless of the fact that there is zero admissible evidence to support the stories.

      Moat and Beam spring to mind.


      • PY said [JonStevenson42]

        No I understand what you are about,did you admit that it is Illegal for you to name the accused and the allegedly abused children,it really is a very simple question requiring of you a yes or no answer.

        You surely are seeking through your blog imposing your viewpoint ,otherwise,why bother

      • Hi,

        to deal with your repetitive comments and obdurate refusal to accept facts Jon Stevenson:
        You state:
        ‘No I understand what you are about,’
        Clearly you haven’t a clue or you would not need to keep asking the most simplistic of questions.

        Such as:
        ‘did you admit that it is Illegal for you to name the accused and the allegedly abused children,it really is a very simple question requiring of you a yes or no answer.’
        Since you are clearly crano rectally retentive be advised I am under absolutely no obligation to respond to your tedious comments when I have answered same4 within the text of my blog on many occasions. You arrogantly presume to be both judge and jury yet have absolutely zero ability to comprehend either ethics or integrity.

        Having claimed to know in your first sentence exactly why I act as I do you now clearly admit you haven’t a clue – making sopmething of a fool of yourself:
        ‘You surely are seeking through your blog imposing your viewpoint ,’

        Clearly your judgement is completely wrong as I have no desire to impose MY viewpoint – I have acted to provide such facts as I have been able to ascertain, with appropriate evidence for the intelligent ethical reader to appreciate the obscene dishonesty of the exploitation of Hollie Greig by criminals and scoundrells, taking advantage of her mental incapacity and disabilities to further their scurilous ‘stories’ about her life and the sucicide of her5 uncle Roy.

        Having lept repeatedly to inaccurate judgement you ask:
        ‘otherwise,why bother’

        I clearly can not expect someone of your decvuious and deluded mind set to understand why someone might wish to expose those who lie, distort and misrepresent facts in their exploitation and abuse of a isabled victim of their abuse.

        I have presented the facts and set out to present all available factual material for people of integrity to make their own conclusions in this matter – A measure of the vile supporters of the evil misrepresentation deliberately set out to lie about me and others in a dewsperate attempt to defame us and even dishonestly set up web sites to pretend they were myself going so far as to steal the web log of facts which I had presented at http://stolenkids-hollie.blogspot.com/ to suppress and obfuscate the evidence, the facts and the details surrounding the issue – so that they could continue to criminally and dishonestly continue to exploit Hollie greig and the issues invented surrounding her, for their own perverted and perverse gain.

        Let the facts speak for themselves and the behaviour of the vile exploiters of Hollie Greig and the tissue of lies they have fabricated about her alleged sexual abuse, for which there is no admissible evidence as with the efforts to refute the clear facts of Roy Greig’s suicide.

        Read the entirety of this blog site – seek to have the original http://stolenkids-hollie.blogspot.com/ reinstated with all the evidence therin presented and apologise for your behaviour and on behalf of the desperate measures taken by you and your fellow travellers to defame and lie about me – Have the integrity to permit intelligent people to read the facts without ‘spin’ or deliberate misrepresentation to draw their own conclusions – as have the courts!

        Your manner, style and behaviour together with your fellow travellers has done more to expose the dishonsty of your position than any presentation of facts I have ever been able to make.


  1. js42uk said [JonStevenson42]

    yet again Jon Stevenson you presume to criticise and seek to denigrate yet never5 have you put forward any sound admissible evidence that could sustain a prosecution

    I didn’t know that was my job!

    • Hi,

      well you had better add that to the list of things you clearly do not know or understand – since you have presumed in your arrogance to assume the role of inquisitor seemingly in an effort to defame to aid those who are abusing and exploiting Hollie Greig as your co-conspirators.

      You are clearly unable to provide evidence of any credibility to support the abusers yet seemingly seek to defame and criticise those who seek to present facts to establish the truth.


      • js42uk said [JonStevenson42]

        well you had better add that to the list of things you clearly do not know or understand – since you have presumed in your arrogance to assume the role of inquisitor seemingly in an effort to defame to aid those who are abusing and exploiting Hollie Greig as your co-conspirators.

        I asked you a simple question,you seem unable or unwilling to answer.

        Is your publication of the names of the accused and victims not illegal,its not hard?

  2. Hi,

    asking your question again and again displays your duplicitous and obsessive nature, and apparent desperation to try to defame – particularly in the light of the fact that I have answered your question in some detail.

    Try to get over your self importance whilst we come to terms with your duplicity.


  3. Hi Greg

    Are you able to post my comment on my behalf i.e. saying that it is from Sharon Ann Zaki. That comment has disappeared into the ether somewhere! I’ve had this problem before with Word Press, when trying to post on other blogs.

    Sharon Ann Zaki’s.comment is:

    For anyone else reading this [other than Greg and the ‘Hollie Demands Justice’ desperados] i.e. for the sane, decent folk who are interested in truth, I’ve done another update of my site in response to the 28/12/13 post on the HGJ blog http://www.sharonkilby.co.uk/site/WHY_THE_HG_STORY_MAY_HOLD_THE_KEY_TO_REVEALING_THE_SHILLS.php Scroll about 1/3 of the way down.

    Now, clarification needed. Take a look at the comment from admin on this site http://orderoftruth.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/the-peoples-voice-not-so-much-for-the-people-tpv-thepeoplesvoice-icke-holliegreig/ “For any visitors, we would like to inform you that this idiot troll is posting under the name of Job Stevenson with the name ‘js42uk’ (as you can see from the comments they have made). We have verified that this is not the real Jon Stevenson.” [Presumably the ‘b’ in Job is a typo]. Also see the comment from admin on this site http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t7563p310-hollie-greig-the-devastating-fantasies-of-mother-mrs-anne-greig-and-the-lies-of-robert-green-and-belinda-mckenzie “Unfortunately, JS42UK, who definitely is the same individual as HGJ”

    So this JS42UK/Py/Pyrite/Jon Stevenson is the same person as the Hollie Greig Justice/HGJ/HDJ clown i.e. a mega-troll i.e. NOT Jon/Pyrite from the Hollie Hoax camp.

    The people who make up ‘Hollie’s Army’ are all big-gun trolls; the most loyal, trusted and talented Establishment [masonic] agents.

    Posted by Greg_L-W. for Sharon Ann Zaki.


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