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>Tony Bennett Looks At Robert Green’s Re-Arrest

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/02/2014

This site was first posted on on 22-Oct-2012 and material from the original
http://StolenKids-HollieGreig.blogspot.com were imported upto 03-Mar-2010.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.

For details of the background we would ask you to read the PAGE CLICK HERE


>Tony Bennett Looks At Robert Green’s Re-Arrest, implausibility & mental Health.

A GUEST POST by: Tony Bennett
from a public forum

Robert Green of the ‘Hollie Demands Justice’ campaign re-arrested and seen by a Doctor, two psychiatrists and a psychologist

Post  Tony Bennett on Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:11 pm

Robert Green, campaigner for a ‘full investigation’ into what he and Hollie Greig’s mother say is the abuse of Hollie over a period of 14 years (from when she was 6 to the age of 20) by a network of 31 Scottish paedophiles, was re-arrested in his Cheshire home last week (13 February) and taken to Perth, where he was questioned and charged with repeated breach of a court order.

He is currently remanded in custody in Perth Prison awaiting a pre-trial hearing on 21 February. A fellow ‘Hollie Greig campaigner’, Tim ‘Rusty’ Rustige, who lives near Robert Green in Cheshire and is accused of a campaign of harassment against former top law officer in Scotland, Elish Angiolini, will appear in court on Monday on a charge of harassment of her in Oxford, where she now lives, and misuse of the telecommunciations network (harassment over the internet). Anne Greig and Robert Green accuse Angiolini of masterminding a cover-up and protecting high-level Scottish paedophiles.

A one-sided account of his arrest and the claimed reasons for it was given by Brian Gerrish on the UK Column TV channel today and can be found here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqGRTrZeemA – starting at 8 mins 30 secs and finishing at 15 mins 30 secs.

The case for Robert Green is made out also on this website:


The allegation is that he has repeatedly named as paedophiles up to 31 people – allegedly named by Hollie Greig as having abused her – despite clear court orders telling him he must not repeat such serious alleagtions. There is no credible evidence that anyone has ever sexually abused Hollie, never mind 31 paedophiles – including major figures in the Scottish legal system – over a period of 14 years. 

Both Brian Gerrish and UK Column and those behind the ‘Hollie Greig Hoax’ campaign (two of whom are members of this forum) have indepedently confirmed that such is Robert Green’s mental state at the moment that, following his being locked up in Perth Prison, he was seen by a doctor (Dr Weardon), two lady psychiatrists, and a psychologist. The police say they have geniune concerns about his mental health, hence his being seen by this array of experts.

Green is trying to bring a parallel action against Sheriff Bowen for alleged ‘racism’.

The basis for this is that during his trial two years ago for breach of the peace and harassment, Sheriff Bowen called him ‘an Englishman’.

The believers in Hollie Greig’s claims – or, rather, Anne Greig’s claims – include tens of thousands of people worldwide, Brian Gerrish and the UK Column Team and David Icke, whose forum deletes any evidence that the claims of Anne Greig and Robert may be false. Clear evidence has been supplied repeatedly to Brian Gerrish and UK Column (and David Icke for that matter) that there is no factual basis for the extraordinary claims of Anne Greig and Robert Green, but they are deaf and blind to the evidence; they don’t want to even see or acknowledge it.

The comprehensive report of the Scottish Police Ombudsman (the PCCS), 2008, into 15 complaints by Anne Greig – rejecting all of them and giving clear reasons for doing so – is just a part of that evidence. That evidence is elsewhere on this forum.

Brian Gerrish and UK Column maintain that those behind the Hollie Greig Hoax website:


are MI5 agents protecting the paedophiles in the British establishment.


Tony Bennett
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Age: 66
Location: Harlow, Essex

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Update 21 February 2014

Post  Tony Bennett on Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:53 pm


Sylvia Major, one of the 31 alleged Scottish paedophiles according to Anne Greig (mother of Hollie Greig) and Robert Green, ‘phoned me tonight with an update on the appearance of Robert Green in court in Scotland today.
She attended with her friend and supporter Maggs Shaw, both of whom are members here at CMOMM. Maggs is one of two people who have done most to research and expose the ‘Hollie Greig Hoax’, perpetrated by Anne Greig in the first place, and then developed by Robert Green [see www.theholliegreigcoverup.net ].

The other main member of the ‘Hollie Demands Justice’ (HDJ) campaign, Belinda McKenzie, was also there, with four other HDJ supporters. It is believed that all donations to the HDJ campaign go into her persoanl PayPal account. There is no committee, no society bank account, and no Treasurer.
The session was, unusually, closed to the public.

Robert Green was formally remitted for trial in about three months’ time and was again remanded in custody to Perth Prison.
His friend from Cheshire, and fellow HDJ supporter, Tim ‘Rusty’ Rustige, will appear in court on Monday on similar charges. He is alleged to have harassed a former senior Scottish law officer, Elish Angiolini, who now lives in Oxford. Rustige and Green claim she is covering up a powerful Scottish judiciary paedophile ring.

Belinda McKenzie, despite now heading a campaign which firmly believes that Hollie told the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the abuse she is supposed to have suffered, admitted that she does not believe that Sylvia Major is an abuser, or ever abused Hollie. McKenzie said the same to me this summer. McKenzie now says she believes only Hollie’s father and elder brother abused her. There is absolutely zero evidence that they did anything of the kind.

Meanwhile the HDJ campaign continues to fool Brian Gerrish and his friends at UK Column, and David Icke and his followers. Moderators on the David Icke forum have banned any attempt to present the evidence found by the Hollie Greig Hoax group. Brian Gerrish ’phoned me up during the week to tell me that Sylvia and Maggs and other members of the Hollie Greig Hoax had deceived me ‘hook, line and sinker’ and that they were members of shadowy security service organisations who were helping to keep this Scottish paedophile ring from facing justice.

I challenged him with the detailed findings of the Police Complaints Commission for Scotland, which in a comprehensive report demolished the 15 separate complaints made by Anne Greig. Brian maintains that the entire PCCS is also ‘in with the elite paedophiles’.  

Brian single-handedly led the campaign to expose the true nature of Common Purpose. That was a job very well done.

But it is him who has fallen hook, line and sinker for the lies of Greig and Green.   


Tony Bennett
Posts: 7795
Join date: 2009-11-25
Age: 66
Location: Harlow, Essex

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Re: Robert Green of the ‘Hollie Demands Justice’ campaign re-arrested and seen by a Doctor, two psychiatrists and a psychologist

Post  Tony Bennett on Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:10 pm

For balance, here is what UKColumn have to say about the case today – there’s also a slightly outdated video about today’s hearing on their website: www.ukcolumn.org


Latest update on arrest of child abuse campaigner Robert Green;

Aberdeen police attempt to section Robert at Aberdeen’s Cornhill Hospital the same hospital used to section Anne Grieg when she reported the abuse of her daughter to Grampian Police;

Robert Green asks Cheshire Chief Constable David Whatton and Police Commissioner John Dwyer to protect him against corrupt Scottish police but they collaborate in his arrest and removal of evidence;

Chief Super Adrian Watson trumpets his performance whilst his force fail to apprehend child abusers;

Scottish Law Reporter reports of paedophiles in Dame Elish Angiolini’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service as police evidence of paedophiles mysteriously moves to computer of another Fiscal Service Officer;

Alex Salmond holds responsibility for paedophile corruption at heart of the judicial system but loses or hides documents pertaining to abuse;

Possibility exists Robert Green is ensnared in the pernicious Scottish MAPPA system;

Paedophilic Scottish Government launches ‘Getting it Righ’t initiative placing a named person alongside every child from birth;

UK debt hits £1.239 trillion… [REST SNIPPED]

To view the original article CLICK HERE



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