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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 22/02/2014

This site was first posted on on 22-Oct-2012 and material from the original
http://StolenKids-HollieGreig.blogspot.com were imported upto 03-Mar-2010.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.

For details of the background we would ask you to read the PAGE CLICK HERE


A GUEST POST From: The Hollie Greig cover-up web site:







Published by The Hollie Greig Hoax Team in Robert Green · 22/2/2014 14:43:40


As Robert Green begins his 3 months on remand, the likes of Brian Gerrish, Louise Collins, David Icke, Sonia Poulton and other supporting “Alternative Media” hacks are enjoying their liberty.

All of them have used The Hollie Greig case for their own ends and to promote their wares.  It really is a disgrace that these so called “supporters” take no responsibility whatsoever for Robert’s plight and he is yet to serve another sentence at the end of this current one.

We would like to know what Robert’s family think and I would ask that they contact us using our contact form or at: group@theholliegreigcoverup.net

For new readers here is a quick summary of some of the evidence:

1. The Forensic medical evidence showed NO signs of abuse.

2. Robert claimed “Hollie was minibused with other children to the home of the Sheriff’s sister’s where the majority of the abuse took place.” The Sheriff has no sister. In any event, Anne named the wrong sheriff as she mixed him up with the sheriff who was overseeing her divorce – a divorce that has never been finalised because we believe Anne still wants money from the house in Portugal after selling their house in Aberdeen and all its belongings including her husbands computer that is often cited as something the Police should have looked at!

3. The “other children” have made public statements saying they were never abused.

4. In Hollies’ Police interview, she named people that simply don’t exist.

5. The independent Police investigation (PCCS) clearly show the lack of trust in Hollies testimony not only by Police but by trained Appropriate Adult specialists. They also suspeced Anne had coached Hollie.

This is only a snapshot of evidence for a campaign spanning several years. A campaign where many stories have changed between Anne Greig and Robert Green. In one YouTube video, Robert Green stated Hollie had witnessed a ritual murder!!

Almost all of the supporters of this campaign are either Alternative Media hacks that are exploiting Anne, Hollie and Robert for their own purposes, or individuals who have been in trouble with either the Police or other authorities and are on their own revenge mission.

As far as the Alternative Media are concerned, we would like to share with you a recent email we received that outlines their exploitation perfectly.

Linda Steel
Pick a date:21/02/2014
Message: I was watching UK Column Live yesterday and they did this large portion on Robert Greens’ arrest and ‘rendition’ to Scotland. How the authorities had tried to section him and how awful it was that this poor man had undergone such trauma at the hands of the police.

I have had emails from Brian Gerrish about this case. I watch the programme often, and a lot of what they cover is really informative, but I told him that they could well lose their reputation if they carried on supporting this case.
There may well be paedophiles within the Scottish establishment and for victims of abuse, carrying on supporting The Hollie Greig case would do them no good. As an ex nurse I wanted to write for them on the high jacking and selling off of the NHS, but because I didn’t believe this mother and that this was just a disturbed woman, I was told that if I didn’t believe this story, I couldn’t possibly write for them.

In other words, I couldn’t be part of their truth movement if I didn’t believe in their truth.
The emails went back and forth, he tried to convince me I was wrong, but no matter what I said, he just refused to believe that this was all tosh. I have sent you the PDF file because it is an article on Downs Syndrome memory, and you mentioned it within the clip you played.

As for their statements that Downs Syndrome sufferers are incapable of telling lies, that is all tosh too. Of course they can fib just like the rest of us. The biggest thing for me is the fact that there are no other victims. Only the ones they named, and even they have come forward to refute that they were ever abused.

Many people have seen the truth in the last few years. I heard about it and thought it was awful, until I saw them with Theo Chalmers in that very interview. The way Anne looked at Theo when she thought he may be questioning their honesty spoke volumes.
If looks could kill.

That’s when I knew these were false allegations. Being a nurse for so long, I suppose my bullshit monitor is more sensitive than most. I really hope that at some point, she will either be uncovered as a fraud, or eventually breaks down and confesses what she has done. I hope Hollie gets her family back before it is too late.

Just in case the PDF document won’t open, I am giving you the website address. http://www.down-syndrome.org/reviews/2068/reviews-2068.pdf

This pdf evidence makes clear the weakness in memory in Down Syndrome which once again proves the lies of Anne and Robert
. Here is a snapshot but you can read it in full here.

Thank you Linda.

This email shows clearly how Brian Gerrish and the UK Column operate and we have more like this one but we never publish anything without authorisation to do so and many people are simply afraid.

When we first contacted Brian in the hope we could have a dialogue with him, he simply refused. He lied about our team and eventually he accused Jon of abusing Hollie also.

What makes things difficult is that the UK Colum can publish genuine information at times – but their refusal to acknowledge real, irrefutable evidence and to claim that an entire country of Scotland is one giant conspiracy is nothing more than completely irrational and therefore they simply cannot be trusted.

In their broadcast on Thursday 20th February 2014 Brian alleged the authorities tried to section Robert in what he called a “Snakes Nest” – we predicted this in our blog dated Wednesday 19th February 2014.

Brian also claimed there was a contradiction between the Police doctor and the psychiatric doctors at Cornhill mental institution.

As we stated in our blog, unless Robert is a danger either to himself or others, or agrees treatment there is nothing either the Police or authorities can do.

The doctors at Cornhill would have pronounced him “untreatable.”

Sadly, the same can be said for Sonia Poulton also.

Sonia allowed Robert Green air time to promote his campaign but promised us a right of reply.

We contacted Sonia on many occasions before the interview took place but she never replied. We contacted her after the interview but she never replied. We took her acquiescence as an attack on innocent people therefore we told her what we thought through social media.

Then Sonia claimed we bullied and harassed her and complained that we had reported her and her broadcast to OFCOM – which we did. However she maintained she was still willing to speak to us but it would have to wait until she found a new platform and despite her saying she had many things in the pipeline nothing has appeard to date.

We recently requested a Skype conversation but once again she ignored us and came out in support of Robert after his arrest.

Once again we told her what we thought and once again she accused us of bullying and harassing her.

Here are the message between Sonia and Jon.

• Conversation started 28 December 2013
28/12/2013 19:46
Jon Stevenson
So – you deleted my comment and blocked me – ok.
You know, we have a lot in common Sonia, if you’d have had a conversation with me when I called you, you would realise that.
For instance, I agree with your world view, (mostly lol) – I agree with your political view and much of your opinion on your show.
I pride myself in always apologising when I’m wrong – do you?

Come ‘on Sonia, you’re a tough cookie – a few difficult questions on Twitter hardly constitute those allegations you levelled at me eh?
There’s a lot wrong with this country, politically and economically.

But you simply cannot get passed the facts and the evidence of the Hollie Greig case.

How do you explain the lack of forensic medical evidence for instance?

I wonder how long you have known David Icke?

We did try to contact him years ago but he refused to have a dialogue with us – have you asked him why?
The Hollie Greig case is not an establishment cover up Sonia, and if you have taken an objective look at the evidence you will know this.

I think you are a decent person Sonia, so what are you going to do about this?

You can talk to us/me in confidence if you wish – and I hope you will.

Better still, you can have an in confidence conversation with me and one of the wrongly accused, Wyn, and hear it direct for yourself.
Of course I’m never going to stop working with these innocent victims until they’re vindicated so I hope to speak to you soon.
Kind regards.

• 29 December 2013
29/12/2013 20:44
Sonia Poulton
Listen Jon, I have never accused anyone of anything all I have said is why haven’t people been interviewed about the allegations. I think it was highly disrespectful of you to come on my personal fb page and accuse me of the things you did. I AM a fair person and I AM prepared to listen to people but I am not prepared to take bs from anyone and some of your original approaches to me were not acceptable. I am prepared to talk further in the new year because that is the type of person I am, if someone has something to say then generally I will listen to them.

• 30 December 2013
• 30/12/2013 01:09
Jon Stevenson
HI Sonia and thanks for the reply – i do appreciate it.

I also appreciate your sentiments and I do understand your frustration and anger.

We have been trying to vindicate those wrongly accused for years now Sonia, and regardless of the evidence none of those making or supporting the allegations of Robert Green, have ever agreed to discuss this with us. They completely ignored our repeated requests for a dialogue to discuss the evidence.

That is not because of our, or my approach I stress to add.

If you look objectively at the messages we originally sent yourself (I say we because everything that happens has the consensus of our group) including the emails we sent to your website, I’m sure you will see they were cordial and informative – If you can now access them.

We also emailed Anne Greig personally asking her to talk with us – Wyn was Anne’s best friend for over 6 years Sonia and she cared about the whole family including Hollie deeply.

After the way we have been treated by the likes of David Icke, Brian Gerrish et al, (Brian even accused me of abusing Hollie in an email exchange I had with him when I explained I had met her) we/I don’t have much time for these individuals now – consequently I thought you were simply closing ranks with them – hence my latest approach and I apologise if it caused you distress.

That’s not an excuse Sonia, I simply want you to understand what not only the falsely accused have gone through, but those now supporting them. We have been called a variety of things including paedophiles, paedophile protectors, shills, Government agents and much more.

But something told me that you were different and that I had it wrong – which is why I messaged you via my personal Facebook profile – and I’m happy to say it seems I was right – thanks again for replying.

I know you haven’t accused anyone Sonia, but by giving Robert a platform, and such a big platform (David has a large following), you have supported his allegations and caused further alarm to those wrongly accused.

After all, you didn’t really put any difficult questions to him.

Seriously Sonia, please consider how they must feel – or think of that question I put to you. How would you feel if someone managed to convince thousands of people that you were a paedophile, and then published your name and address on the internet?
There were 27,000 members of their Facebook group at one stage.

I can tell you Sonia that they are concerned that this story will once again grow and Wyn has already had her car vandalised because of the publication of her name and address by Robert Green.

You have also asked why people haven’t been interviewed – but many have Sonia, regardless what Robert Green says.
Let me remind you of one of Robert asscertations.

“The majority of abuse happened in the home of the Sheriff’s sister”
The sheriff doesn’t have a sister Sonia – How can the police interview someone that doesn’t exist?

Robert never performed a simple births, deaths and marriages search – he simply believed what Anne was saying. Anne mistook the sheriff for the one that presided over her divorce – a divorce that she has never completed!

Robert later claimed he meant the sister-in-law. But the sheriff never had a sister-in-law either.

This is just one example of many, I will leave the rest for our conversation.

If you wish I can assure you that conversation remains private – given your position at TPV perhaps it would be better if you kept it private your end also for now – but you will perhaps be in a better position to make that judgement yourself. I only say this because at one point Ayem did reply to us, only to vanish soon after. I have no idea if she is still working with David or not. I do know that all posts regarding HG on David’s forums were removed and many people were banned.

Anyhow, believe it or not we do enjoy your show Sonia and I think we can say there is desperation within people in this country to bring to an end all the corruption that we see on an almost daily basis – and defend our children also!
Look forward to speaking with you in the New Year – have great one and all the best to you and your family.
Kind regards

• 6 January
06/01/2014 15:33
Jon Stevenson
Hey, are you ok?
Just read the announcement by TPV.

06/01/2014 15:55
Jon Stevenson
For what it’s worth Sonia, i don’t feel that is you they are describing.

• 7 January
07/01/2014 18:58
Jon Stevenson
Hi – an interesting statement but i am completely unsurprised.

I personally totally agree with you on transparency. Every single penny should be accounted for and it wouldn’t be at all difficult to show this. I have always maintained this in anything using public money.

Have to say that Hollie Demands Justice have also always refused to show where their donations have gone also.
I’m sorry for you Sonia, because as I’ve said, this country needs a “Peoples Voice” but because of my experience with David, i never had any doubt this wouldn’t work.

When i saw you were a presenter i thought David had made a really bad choice – bad for him.
Although i believe you made a mistake interviewing Robert Green, it’s obvious you have more integrity than possibly anyone i know – apart from me.

I too can be a fiery character, and i will always do my best to protect vulnerable people.

Two things.
“I would be more than happy to debate TPV with David Icke, Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Liz Roberts on camera and in a neutral environment. I have nothing to hide.”

In my experience this will never happen. Once you show David to be wrong, he will never talk to you. We have tried countless times to have a dialogue with him – he has always refused.

I hope Liz and Adl have the courage to back you up – get rid of David and TPV could be great!

“Despite repeatedly saying that ‘presenters have free-will’ David Icke did not hesitate to make known some of his dissatisfactions with me inviting on guests whom he had fallen out with in the past.”

I’m bound to ask, is this us?
I would still like to talk to you – when you’re ready of course.
If there’s anything we can do to help you Sonia, just ask.
Kind regards

• 10 January
10/01/2014 18:51
Jon Stevenson
Hi Sonia – I have had a conversation with Gareth Icke – can you confirm you booked Robert Green without any outside influences?
I appreciate your bound to be busy but if you could just pop me a quick reply i would really appreciate it – I’ll leave you alone for a while then to sort all this mess out.

• 12 January
12/01/2014 10:29
Sonia Poulton
that is correct Jon, although David supported the decision as he knew Robert before I did. take care, Sonia

12/01/2014 12:14
Jon Stevenson
Thanks Sonia.

• 24 January
24/01/2014 20:14
Jon Stevenson
Hi Sonia – I’m sure you have seen this but just in case. http://motherdamnable.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/the-fatal-flaws-at-peoples-voice_20.html?m=1
Wyn and I would still like to speak to you if you still agree?

Mother Damnable returns: The Fatal Flaws at “The People’s Voice”
“I am a rose of Sharon, a wild strawberry of the valleys. As a lily amongst brambles so is my best beloved among the daughters” The song of Solomon 2:1-2

• 25 January
25/01/2014 14:37
Sonia Poulton
I’ve seen it Jon, there is more to come out trust me. I am still up for interviewing you but I need a new platform first.

25/01/2014 16:57
Jon Stevenson
Look forward it all coming out lol.

You wouldn’t want to do a recorded Skype conversation then?

We need a People’s Voice Sonia, but we need one with integrity.

Originally I supported the Hollie campaign but after about 4 days of listening to all of Roberts videos, and of him saying “we have the evidence” but not showing any, I started to ask for it.

When I got it, it was quite ridiculous, and after further investigation, I knew I had been duped.

Then began my journey into the world of alternative media – and I have to say that many that are involved it, are far worse than our mainstream media!

If you get a new platform Sonia, and you’re doing it for the right reasons (which I feel you would be) dealing with the likes of Belinda McKenzie, Brian Gerrish & Bill Maloney et al, will do you no favours I assure you.

You will have to choose sides between them and the likes of Scriptonite, who it seems, is a genuine individual along with others like Chris Martenson – TPV couldn’t even spell his name correctly when he was interviewed.

There is more than enough corruption out there without resorting to these individuals including the likes of David Icke.
Quite honestly, I have no idea why you teamed up with him in the first place – but I guess it’s easy to be clever with hindsight. But without doubt, the man has no integrity – I know I keep using that word, but it is important.

Gareth said to me he was going to speak to his dad about the Hollie campaign – I won’t hold my breath lol.

I really hope you get a platform Sonia, but I also hope it won’t be filled with cooks and dimwits that see conspiracy around every corner without doing any real research.

• 13 February
13/02/2014 23:14
Jon Stevenson
Not sure if you have heard but Robert Green has been arrested today – just wondered if you have a comment as it seems you’re not up for a Skype conversation?

14/02/2014 01:27
Jon Stevenson
Sonia – i see on the grapevine that you are aware of Robert’s arrest and apparently your “appalled” by the situation.
I really don’t get it??

Are you really suggesting you sympathise with this convicted criminal and his continued abuse of innocent people?

You did promise us a right of reply (remember?) and with or without a platform you could have agreed to a Skype conversation – so what are we to make of your position now?

Perhaps you have still not looked at all the evidence of this case but regardless will you please be honest (as you always claim to be) and tell us where we stand?

In the wake of your TPV exit you certainly seemed to be a person of integrity so I’m confused by your latest apparent stance.
You may be unaware but you are now being promoted on the net as a supporter of Robert Green – would that be correct?

• 14 February
14/02/2014 18:59
Jon Stevenson
Sonia – I just want to say that you, along with The UK Column and all other supporters of Robert Green are completely responsible for what is happening to him right now!

Because no reasonable, rational person, after looking at the evidence could support him or his campaign.

A child abused for 14 years and no forensic medical evidence showing any abuse – Hollie naming people that don’t even exist and children accused of being victims making public statements saying they were never abused to name but a few.

All of you are responsible for perpetuating this man’s delusions which means YOU are now responsible for what is happening to him – let alone the innocent people who’s lives he and Anne have made a misery of for the last 4 years!!

I hope you are ready to accept that responsibility because i am going to make sure everyone knows the truth of this situation.
I thought you had integrity but it seems you are supporting Robert’s claims, calling Aberdeen Police and ignoring and refusing to speak to us – just like the rest that deny the truth.

I guess you really are no different to the rest of the alternative media that sensationalise and exploit the vulnerable for the sake of headline.

Shame – because i liked you!

• Sunday
16/02/2014 22:02
Sonia Poulton
I am happy to be considered a supporter of Robert Green. He approached me only to ask questions on behalf of a vulnerable young woman. I have never made accusations in the case merely found it odd that Hollie’s claims are completely ignored by the Establishment. Your organisation treated me with disrespect from the get-go. Smearing me on the internet and attempting to use bullying tactics. I don’t respond well to that as you have discovered. I offered you a right of reply until ‘someone’ thought it smart to report TPV and me to OFCOM. Then TPV did not want to continue on the issue until the OFCOM was resolved. I suspect you or others around you were responsible for the OFCOM report. Either way the upshot is you didn’t get to do your interview. I will continue to support Robert because I am suspicious of those who would have him arrested.

17/02/2014 00:52
Jon Stevenson
Sorry Sonia, your excuses won’t cut it anymore.
We didn’t go smearing you on the net, we/I asked certain questions of you on Twitter and on our own website – Strong questions and statements i agree, BUT that was after we sent you more than enough information for you to make an informed choice and to respond accordingly – you didn’t, you simply ignored our messages and claimed you were locked out of your website only to later make a statement on it.

And i don’t believe for one minute a professional journalist would be locked out of their own website.
Therefore we presumed you were attacking us just like other supporters of Robert Green – so your argument/excuse is completely facile.

You only responded after we took a more direct approach.

And yet you continually ignore the evidence – like that i mentioned in my previous message and crow on about OFCOM and bullying tactics – what would you call the continued FALSE allegations that Robert Green has been making i wonder??

He has been harassing and bullying innocent people for YEARS Sonia!

You also could have agreed to a Skype conversation (as requested) with me and Wyn, one of those directly involved. Robert Green always said he would talk to anyone, but, like you, when it comes to it you refuse or simply ignore the request.
Is that what you call proper journalism?

You gave a convicted criminal air time to promote his campaign – a campaign that has caused years of misery and suffering not only to those he falsely accused of being of being paedophiles, but the children he also accused of being victims.

Why shouldn’t that be reported to any authority?? And I have told you already – I reported your broadcast.

You consider yourself a “supporter” of Robert Green – yet you are anything but!

If you really cared, if you really were the peoples champion as you promote yourself to be, if you were truly altruistic – you would have looked clinically at the evidence – the evidence that Robert has and that is on our website.

If you had done that you would see for instance that his “expert witness statements” are complete rubbish.

YOU would see that the medical evidence shows no abuse, and the Police transcripts show names of people that don’t exist and no detail whatsoever about the surroundings where the alleged abuse was supposed to have taken place.

You would understand how CICA made the payment, especially when you read the Police correspondence – but you haven’t, have you Sonia?!

You simply listened to Robert and “believed” him.

A mistake i made also.

It’s easy to do as you’re doing Sonia, you have nothing to lose.

However if you examined the evidence and had a dialogue with us you would soon come to know the truth – then of course you would lose some of the support you currently have – i guess your ego would never allow that.

But regardless of the help we/I have offered you, you still “support” Robert Green.

But you’re not supporting him, you are perpetuating his delusion and so doing him irrevocable psychological damage – just like your friends The UK Column, Lou Collins, Brian Gerrish and all the others.

I guess you do it because there is no doubt we are surrounded by so much corruption – but there is a world of difference between real investigative journalism and what the alternative media thinks it is.

I know exactly why Robert has been arrested…. again – you don’t because you have not looked at the evidence. But there is no doubt you are directly responsible for Robert’s wellbeing and the perpetuation of his campaign – and so the continued misery and suffering of those he wrongly accuses.

You have no excuse anymore Sonia – we/I have tried to tell you, tried to explain and tried to talk to you – but you seem to have made your choice.

Whether you like it or not, you’re part of it now Sonia – don’t say I didn’t try to help you.

But as always Wyn and I will be willing to talk to you if you desire to know the truth – but forgive us if we don’t hold our breath.

17/02/2014 01:04
Sonia Poulton
I am not even reading this fully and the reason why is you have sought to attack, harrass and bully again, Jon. It’s what you do. Blogs have been written about you. I don’t tolerate that attitude from anyone. I told you about yourself and you don’t like it. Enjoy your life Jon, take care, be less obnoxious and you may progress. I have taken the time to answer your repeated questions even though you have attempted to bully me from the start. You are someone to be watched. Now go into the big wide yonder and know that your words, designed to be abusive, cannot affect me because bullies are ten a penny.

17/02/2014 01:08
Sonia Poulton
Oh I’ve just noted that you have admitted to being the one behind reporting the broadcast. Oh lol. You make me laugh. Not a spine to your name, has to run to ‘the authorities’. Be gone Jon, go muddy the waters elsewhere, this is an adult world I am working in not a playground.

After that exchange Sonia Blocked us for a second time

Readers will come to their own conclusions – but it is a shame because we liked Sonia.




However, w
e remain as always, willing to talk to any of them while they pay the consequences of thier actions.


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The Expert Witness Evidence – or Trojan Horse.

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Independent report by County Council trained Appropriate Adult.

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What about the 22 Sonia? Supporters and Sponsers of TPV BEWARE!

Published by The Hollie Greig Hoax Team in Hollie Demands Justice · 18/12/2013 11:35:08
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Sonia Poulton – Refuses us an interview – accuses us of being hostile and aggressive – then slams the phone down.

Published by The Hollie Greig Hoax Team in Hollie Demands Justice · 17/12/2013 15:51:13 · Download Sonia-last-one.mp4
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