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SK-H050 – Scots Against Injustice PRESS 21-Nov-09

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/11/2009

SK-H050 – Scots Against Injustice PRESS 21-Nov-09

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Hollie tells police she was abused by sheriff

Down’s syndrome victim identifies Sheriff & Police in Aberdeen Paedophile ring as Grampian Police investigate claims of historical abuse

‘The Firm’ censored, now apologise over Lord Advocate ‘allegations’ in Hollie Greig abuse scandal as Police investigate Aberdeen Paedophile ring

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Tuesday 17 November 2009

Angiolini challenged over paedophile ring activity involving serving Sheriff
The mother of Hollie Greig, a Downs syndrome girl at the centre of an alleged paedophile abuse ring, has called for an investigation into the role played by Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini almost ten years ago, when Angiolini served as a district Procurator Fiscal.

A serving Sheriff who is still in post and a now deceased police officer have been named as part of the girl’s ring of abusers.

Anne Greig told the Firm that she believed the investigation has been effectively blocked. “This needs to come out to get some serious protection for my daughter and other people with disabilities. This is just appalling,” she said.

The claims were made to an audience of 400 people at the Alternative View conference held at Bristol’s Thistle Grand Hotel this weekend, attended by campaigners and by Hollie Greig together with her mother Anne, who told The Firm she was concerned that her daughter’s abuse had been covered up.

Campaigners for the family have challenged the Lord Advocate to explain what she knew about the ring in 2000 when the matter was brought to the attention of Grampian police.

Overall responsibility to prosecute rests with the Regional Procurator Fiscal of a particular jurisdiction.

Angiolini was appointed as Regional Procurator Fiscal at Aberdeen during July 2000.

Hollie Greig and her mother state that they gave a statement in person at Aberdeen’s Bucksburn Police Station naming her abusers on 25th August 2000.

The Crown Office said that Angiolini’s appointment came “after the decision in this case was taken” and stated that there is no information to suggest that she had any involvement in the case at any time. However The Firm has seen correspondence addressed directly to Angiolini dated 27 October 2000 from MSP Brian Adam asking her what progress she had made with the case at that time.

Mr Adam said in August he now “no longer holds any records relating to those enquiries,” and the current Area Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen Anne Currie said the Crown Office did “not have a letter on file of response by the then Regional Fiscal, Mrs Angiolini to Brian Adam MSP.”

No explanation is provided for the absence of the correspondence.

No charges were ever brought, although in April this year Greig received a payout of £13,500 from the criminal injuries compensation authority, and was described by Detective Inspector Iain Allen of Grampian Police as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim.”

Campaigners have now challenged Angiolini to explain what she knew in 2000 and “precisely when in the year 2000” she was made aware of this case. They have also asked her to clarify if she was a “close friend” of the named Sheriff at the time the matter was originally under investigation.

The family have since moved to Shropshire, and Grampian police reinterviewed Hollie Greig there in September this year. Anne Greig, Hollie’s mother, has yet to hear whether charges will be brought against the individuals named as being part of the alleged ring of abuse, which includes former serving police officers and members of social service care, banking professionals and the fire service, as well as a currently serving Sheriff and their family members.

“What has happened to Hollie is appalling, but what is still happening at this time is more appalling. These people are still at large,” she said.

The Lord Advocate declined to comment.

A Crown Office communications manager told The Firm that Angiolini “was not the Regional Procurator Fiscal when this decision was made,” but added that they had yet to check when a decision was taken not to prosecute, by whom and on what grounds. ______________________________________________________________
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