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SK-H068 – 06-Nov-09 – Formal Complaint Against Mr Brian Adam MSP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/11/2009

SK-H068 – 06-Nov-09 – Formal Complaint Against Mr Brian Adam MSP

Stuart Allan
The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner
44 Drumsheugh Gardens

By email to: standards.commissioner@scottish.parliament.uk

Friday 6 November 2009

Dear Mr Allan

Formal Complaint Against Mr Brian Adam MSP, SNP Member for Aberdeen North, in the case of Hollie and Anne Greig

I refer to the above and would like to lodge a formal complaint against Mr Brian Adam MSP over his conduct with Anne Greig.

You will see from my correspondence with Mr Adam that I was approaching him to express grave concerns about the Hollie Greig systematic sexual abuse and violation case. When he effectively told me to not bother him about this again, I quite rightly gave him a piece of my mind. These are extremely serious and sensitive issues after all and I took offence at his obvious brush off and apparent indifference about a case which has huge ramifications and is of national importance and concern. Mr Adam was obviously so annoyed by my own remarks to him that he immediately wrote to Anne Greig that afternoon, who now resides some 275 miles south of Edinburgh in Shropshire (c.400 miles south of Aberdeen), to let her know that he would not be engaging with me about her case. She received his letter the following day on Tuesday 3 November 2009 – I don’t have that presently, but that can be provided if you so wish (though Mr Adam will have a copy in his parliamentary office as well).

Mr Adam has not been in touch with Anne Greig since the year 2000 when Anne approached him seeking help with her case, which involved the sexual abuse and violation of her Down’s Syndrome daughter, Hollie, by a paedophile network in Aberdeen over several years previously. Save for one letter on Anne’s behalf to the then Aberdeen Regional Procurator Fiscal, the now Lord Advocate, Mrs Elish Angiolini, dated 27 October 2000, there were no further representations made by Mr Adam and he was of no further assistance to Anne in her horrific and unimaginable plight.

I would like to know why Mr Adam wrote to Anne following my remarks to him on Monday afternoon (2 November), not least as he has not been in contact with her since 2000 (9 years ago) and she is no longer his constituent? I would also like to know how he got Anne’s home address in Shropshire and if he is in the habit of intimidating and upsetting his former constituents and if he will now do the decent thing and offer an unreserved apology to Anne for his appalling conduct, which is not only unbecoming of a member of Scotland’s parliament, but has also surely broken parliamentary rules and protocol in the process?

Many thanks for your time in dealing with these very serious and sensitive matters and I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest opportunity.

Yours sincerely

Thomas M. George (et al)

Scots Against Injustice


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