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SKH059 – 27-Nov-09 COMPLAINT to HPC re: Prof. James FURNELL;

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/11/2009



Health Professionals Council
Park House
184 Kennington Park Road
London SE11 4BU

27th November 2009

Dear Sirs,
I am an investigator, dealing with a range of cases, mainly in England and Wales.

There are just two cases I am involved in, based in Scotland, which in almost every aspect are totally unrelated. However, there is one common denominator, the existence of which I find extremely disturbing. In each of the cases, Professor Furnell has prepared statements to the Court, supporting known violent and dangerous men against their victims.

In the case which I shall highlight, Professor Furnell actively supported the claims of a notorious paedophile rapist, Denis Charles Mackie against the mother, Anne Greig and her daughter Hollie, who has Down`s Syndrome, the latter being a victim of systematic rapes committed by Mackie and fifteen others over a fourteen year period. Mackie is Hollie`s father and the matter, which is being widely covered by the media, is currently in the hands of Grampian Police. Anne was also the victim of extreme violence perpetrated by Mackie.

This is to provide a background and on behalf of my clients, Anne and Hollie Greig, I wish to make a formal complaint about the conduct of Professor Furnell.

I enclose copies of the personal assessment made about Hollie by Dr Eva Harding and the statement by Professor Furnell, in which he clearly attempts to discredit a fellow specialist over an examination in which he had neither seen nor even spoken to the victim, Hollie Mackie, as she was known then. The written comments on Professor Furnell`s statements were made by my client. Furthermore, my clients were not provided with a copy of this statement during proceedings and it was only later that it came into their hands. One can only guess at the professor`s motives for writing this, but it seems to me both vindicative and unprofessional, as well as appearing to try to unreasonably influence the Court.

Therefore, I should be grateful if I may leave you to pursue this issue, in the public interest. In the other case, it would appear that Professor Furnell is adopting a similar method and stance, which must surely be a matter of concern.

I look forward to your response and please do not hesitate to phone me if there is anything you might wish to discuss.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Green
Investigator and Lay Legal Representative for Hollie and Anne Greig

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