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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/11/2009

SK-H036 – GREEN, R > LOGUE, J CROWN OFFICE 20-Nov-2009



Mr John Logue
Head of Policy
Crown Office
25 Chambers Street
Edinburgh EH1 1LA

20th November 2009

Dear Mr Logue,


Your long-awaited letter of 17th November is unsatisfactory.

The real concerns have not been addressed and I find that much of the letter is constructively misleading, unintelligible and conclude that you are not acting in good faith.

However, I feel that I should educate you on certain facts and include my opinions, where appropriate.

To begin with, there have never been allegations against one person only. Any information that you have been provided with to the contrary is thus false. On 18th May 2000, Hollie Greig gave evidence that she had been sexually abused by both her father, Denis Charles Mackie and her brother Greg Mackie.

I understand that Mrs Angiolini became Procurator Fiscal in July 2000.

On the 25th August 2000, Hollie and Anne Greig again attended Bucksburn Police Station, where names of a further fourteen sexual attackers were named, including police officer Terry Major and Mrs Angiolini`s associate Sheriff Graeme Buchanan. Not only were these additional assailants named, but Hollie also disclosed the names of two other child victims of the ring, the children of social worker Helen Macdonald and her husband Ian.

Eleven days later, on 5th September 2000, a criminal abduction of Anne Greig took place, whereby she was falsely sectioned in what was a crude and brutal attempt to silence and discredit her. Fortunately, we hold expert medical reports proving that there was nothing wrong with her.

In an effort to discover what progress had been made, as no written notification had been received, Anne and Hollie visited MSP Brian Adam, which led to his letter to Mrs Angiolini of 27th October 2000 to ask what progress had been made. Anne Greig made the scale of the abuse absolutely clear to Mr Adam, along with the information that there were now at least three victims. Therefore, to expect anyone to believe that Mrs Angiolini was unaware of the depth of the allegations and the number of those involved, as well as the plight of the Macdonald children is to suspend all credibility.

Furthermore, Mr Adam then referred Anne and Hollie to another MSP, Richard Lochhead, who was also informed of all the terrible details and undertook to find out more from the Procurator Fiscal. If, as you claim, the case had already been dropped, albeit on a false assumption, why did Mrs Angiolini fail to inform the two MSPs accordingly. Anne Greig was certainly not informed.

I note that around this time, Mrs Angiolini was no stranger to controversy over her failure to deal effectively with paedophile rapists. A report of 25th May 2001, commented on, I believe, the chaotic conditions of her office that had allowed a twenty-two-year-old man , who had actually admitted raping a ten-year-old girl, to walk free. Mrs Angiolini was forced to accept responsibility for this atrocious debacle.

If one adds this case to the sixteen named attackers of Hollie and the other children, we find that within Mrs Angiolini`s first year in office, no fewer than seventeen serial paedophile sex abusers were allowed to continue their horrifying crimes, secure in the knowledge of the tacit protection of the Regional Procurator Fiscal.

A more lamentable record would be surely difficult to find.

One of the most sickening current aspects of all this, is that Mrs Angiolini has been suddenly galvanised into action when it comes to saving her own skin. This contrasts starkly with her inaction when defenceless children were being repeatedly violated in the area for which she bore responsibility.

Finally, you state that the Lord Advocate has a long-standing commitment in bringing to justice those who commit sexual crimes. I feel sure that you will concede that this is totally inconsistent with her past conduct and thus, her position is untenable.

In the interests of the people of Scotland, she should go and go now.

Yours faithfully,

Robert GREEN.

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