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SK-H004 – Alec SALMOND, PAEDOPHILE RING letter 20-Jun-2009

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/06/2009

SK-H004 – Alec SALMOND, PAEDOPHILE RING letter 20-Jun-2009

From: bluesmangreen@hotmail.com
To: firstminister@scotland.gsi.gov.uk
Subject: Anne and Hollie Greig/BBC/Paedophile ring
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 17:46:39 +0000

Dear Mr Salmond,

I wish to draw your attention to a truly shocking issue that is not only taking place against vulnerable adults in Scotland at the moment, but of the attempt by the authorities, including elements in the BBC to suppress the details.

THe basic story of Hollie Greig, a young person who has Down`s Syndrome was first broken, after nine years of trying by her mother Anne, through the News of the World`s James Mulholland in April and carried on by the Shropshire Star, which is the Greig`s local paper. Please type in Anne and Hollie Greig and refer to the link with the Shropshire Star for these very basic, but accurate details. Anne and Hollie were moved to Shropshire from Aberdeen with the invaluable help of the Down`s Society to help them to escape the physical threats from members of the paedophile ring.

I represent Anne and Hollie as an investigator and whilst it is impossible to go over all the terrrible details now, Hollie was sexually abused from the age of just six by both her father Denis Charles Mackie and her brother Greg.

If this were not bad enough, Mackie shared his daughter with a ring of paedophiles, including a police officer from Grampian, Terry Major and a sheriff in Aberdeen, Graeme Buchanan.

It was not until May 2000 that Anne became aware what was going on and immediately went to Aberdeen Police at Buckburn. At the time Anne only knew of the involvement of her husband and son, but in August Hollie provided the names of other
members of the ring and Anne went to the police again.

It should be said that Hollie`s accounts have been accepted as the truth by qualified professionals and physical examinations have shown evidence of sexual abuse.

Indeed, as you will see from the newspaper articles, Hollie was awarded compensation by the Criminal Injuries Board, astonishingly, as none of the perpetrators were ever questioned, no doubt as Major and Buchanan were involved. Anne Greig`s persistent efforts for exposing those responsible for the crimes were squashed on the orders of the then Procurator Fiscal and now Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini. Mrs Angiolini may have much more to answer for, as will be explained shortly.

After the story broke, we were approached by leading BBC Scotland investigative reporter Mark Daly. After a number of discussions and the provision by Anne of extensive documentatation, including all medical records, Daly promised that BBC Scotland would broadcast two programmes, one on TV, the other on radio on paedophilia and sexual exploitation of vulnerable adults in Scotland.

He asked us not to talk to any other section of the media as the programmes were “guaranteed ” to go out. During the discussions, which went on for some weeks, both Mark Daly and Kathy Long confirmed that they had uncovered the existence of other rings and most disturbingly of all, that a defenceless girl with learning difficulties on her own was being systematically sexually abused.

It should be stressed that the complete cooperation of Anne, Hollie and me did not and would not have anything to do with payment. All that was wanted was for the truth to come out to seek justice for those like hollie who had suffered in the past and all those in Scotland who are suffering at this moment and will continue to suffer in the future if nothing is done.

Mark Daly, Kathy Long and Liam MacDougall from Panorama came down from Glasgow to visit Anne and Hollie on 4th June. I was also present and after a full and positive discussion lasting almost five hours, they confirmed that they were totally satisfied with the veracity of the story and all that remained was the best way for the BBC to put the story together.

On the 10th June, a somewhat distraught Mark Daly told us that senior figures at the BBC had decided to block the story, on the most flimsy and ludicrous grounds. To their credit, the three journalists fought their corner, only to be told that they would be sacked if they persisted with their investigations, not only to Hollie`s story, but the others as well. I have asked Mark Daly for the identities of those who have both blocked and threatened him and his colleagues, but it is clear that he has been intimidated into silence. I have lodged an official complaint with the BBC and am awaiting a reply.

The question must surely be, who at the BBC would want to go to such lengths to suppress an issue of clear national importance – and why?

There is yet another potentially alarming element to this story. Denis and Greg Mackie, both known paedophiles who operate in international rings were both living in Portugal at the time of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Thanks to Grampian Police and Mrs Angiolini, neither of the Mackies were on any criminal register. Anne Greig went straight to Shrewsbury Police station, with a witness, to draw attention to this immediately she heard of Madeleine`s disappearance in May 2007.

A few days ago, I spoke to a senior investigator from the McCann team. He agreed that the Mackies ought to have been amongst the first to be interviewed by the Portuguese police. He went on to check if any notification had been received from the British Police. No information whatsoever about the Mackies had been passed on.

I trust that you will accept that a scandalous cover-up of monumental proportions has been taking place in Scotland and probably elsewhere.

It will need courage and determination to deal with this, in view of the blatant obstruction by those in positions of trust and rsponsibility to the people of Scotland.

Hollie Greig and others look to you and your colleagues for support. It would appear that no-one else in Scotland will protect them. I understand that even the News Of The World has been warned off.

Unfortunately, I shall be away for a few days, but please arrange for Anne Greig to be called on 01939 *** ***. She will cooperate fully and Anne and Hollie have displayed truly astonishing reserves of courage and dignity throughout this dreadful ordeal. They deserve nothing less than your full support. Please do not let them and the good people of Scotland down on this urgent issue.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

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