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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 24/11/2009


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Scottish Government

Ian Fleming

Police Powers, Performance & Resources Division

Scottish Government

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St Andrew’s House



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Tuesday 24 November 2009

Dear Mr Fleming

Reply to Scottish Government re Hollie Greig sexual abuse rape gang scandal …

So, here we are again, fully four weeks on since our initial correspondence re Hollie, and still you persist in trying to fob me off and treat me for a fool.

I made it perfectly clear to you in my email response of Wednesday 28 October (copy below) that …

“Hollie, her mother, Anne, and their representatives have indeed made their allegations about the systematic sexual abuse and violation of Hollie (over several years) by a Scotland-wide paedophile ring known to the local constabulary in Aberdeen, the local PF’s office there, the Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolina, and the police in Shropshire as well. Alex Salmond is of course fully aware of the case, as is Kenny MacAskill and their SNP administration.”

So, just to reiterate … Aberdeen Police; Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal; Aberdeen Sheriff Court (Sheriff Graeme Buchanan specifically); Aberdeen City Council; the Lord Advocate (Elish Angiolini) and her Scottish Crown Office in central Edinburgh; Hollie and Anne Greig’s local constabulary in Shropshire; Alex Salmond MSP MP (First Minister of Scotland); Kenny MacAskill MSP (your boss at the Justice Department); the full SNP Cabinet; every single one of Scotland’s 129 MSPs; and you, your colleagues and many others within your Scottish Government Justice Department know all about the Hollie Greig case and those who are in the alleged paedophile rape gang – reminder here …



… yet still you persist in pretending you know nothing about all that and who is involved in this monumental cover up by Elish Angiolini, her Scottish Crown Office and those at the heart of Scotland’s SNP Government it now seems as well. Lest we forget also that Messrs Salmond and MacAskill re-appointed Ms Angiolini in May 2007 when they scraped to power, so there appears to be vested interests at play here and the perception by the wider Scottish public now is that they are protecting Ms Angiolini in this whole murky affair – just as Ms Angiolini protected Sheriff Graeme Buchanan in 2000 when all this came to light. If Messrs Salmond and MacAskill sack her forthwith, these suspicions by the Scottish public may well diminish with the passage of time. But at the moment their judgement, character, probity and integrity is undoubtedly in question and the perception now is they are covering up for Ms Angiolini and her Scottish Crown Office.

You must surely be aware that your actions, and those of your colleagues and superiors within the Scottish Government Justice Department, are now preventing those who are involved in the systematic sexual abuse and violation of Hollie and other vulnerable souls over several years from being brought to justice.

I have no need to go to the police as it has already been done by Hollie, Anne and their other representative and full statements have been given firstly in the year 2000, when the allegations about the paedophile ring and all those involved were made to Aberdeen Police and the local PF’s Office (presided over by Ms Angiolini as you know), and once again this year when two female police officers travelled down from Aberdeen to Shropshire to interview Hollie and Anne in September.

Your actions, and those of your colleagues and superiors within the Scottish Government Justice Department, are becoming more and more suspect and sinister as the days and weeks drag on in this case. Not only do we appear to have Scottish Government civil servants (obviously acting on the orders of their SNP political masters) behaving with the usual procrastination most of us have come to expect under Messrs Salmond, MacAskill and this SNP Government over the past 31 months, but, worse still, it appears that those civil servants are actually prepared to partake in what most people believe is much more insidious intransigence to prevent the truth about Hollie’s case going before the courts, thereby protecting all those involved – including Scotland’s Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, and of course Sheriff Graeme Buchanan who is one of the alleged rape gang members.

Conspiring to pervert the course of justice is a very serious charge to be made against anyone. It would now appear that that charge could justifiably be laid at the door of the whole Scottish Government personnel at St Andrews House and, of course, at the door of Ms Angiolini and her loyal and obedient servants at the Scottish Crown Office.

Please tell me that these perceptions are wrong and arrange to do that in a face to face meeting as formally requested.

I have nothing to fear by doing so. Have you?

Thank you once again for your time with these very serious matters of national importance and I look forward to meeting with you and or Kenny MacAskill MSP (Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary “for Justice”) at St Andrews House in early course.


Scots Against Injustice



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