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Robert Green’s fantasies and lies linger on!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/05/2013

This site was first posted on on 22-Oct-2012 and material from the original
http://StolenKids-HollieGreig.blogspot.com were imported upto 03-Mar-2010.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.

For details of the background we would ask you to read the PAGE CLICK HERE


Robert Green’s fantasies and lies linger on!


I was amused to see that Robert Green (as claimed) on Friday 05-Aug-2011 posted this foolish article showing just how dishonest he is or at best just how foolish he is!

Notably those who comment on his self promoting fantasy do so in anonimity – little wonder, as they took lack any credibility or overly much judgement or common sense!

Just Who Is Greg Lance-Watkins ?

Greg Lance-Watkins was introduced to myself in early 2009 as a person who would be able to assist in the Hollie Greig campaign by virtue of his media contacts and his past experience in dealing with cases of child abuse and miscarriages of justice. With his cut-glass accent and talk of being educated at Cambridge and Sandhurst,
Response by Greg_L-W.
Interestingly Green manages to get this ‘about’ right as I went to Kings Cambridge for a couple of years from about 7.1/2 to 10 and then to Clifton Bristol prep schools and senior school and subsequently to Sandhurst.
he cut an impressive figure and he proved a valuable member of the team in the early days. He ran the “Stolen Kids” blog, which was an invaluable repository of information, and his contacts helped to get the story of Hollie’s compensation payment into the “News Of The World”.
Response by Greg_L-W.
Conveniently Green overlooks the other media contacts I put him imn touch with – contacts who found that not only did the so called facts he presented NOT check out NOR did they find him plausible or the stories he told accurate or based on fact that could be in any way verified – one of the leading broadsheet journalists described him as ‘shifty and without a fact to back his claims‘!
From day one, Watkins was not an easy person to get along with. Highly opinionated, he adopted a belligerent attitude
This ‘may’ be his opinion but it does seem very self serving!

and often tried to cajole me into helping in his other campaigns, which generally related to opposing the EU
Response by Greg_L-W.
Pure fantasy on the part of Green – unsustainable by a single fact or shred of evidence – How he could have assisted I am puzzled to know as he had no knowledge and less understanding of the campaigns I was involved in and I introduced him to not a single individual in any of those campaigns!

As he told myself and other members of the team that he was suffering from cancer, this earned him a degree of sympathy and we overlooked some of his more extreme behaviour.

That I have had various cancers since presnting with symptoms in 1998 is a matter of public record and whether he wished to sympathise or not is of little relevance – that his sympathy led to lies and systematic efforts to defame me proves just what an odious liar he is!
When I stood in the 2010 General Election, we co-operated with UKIP and stories began to emerge about his relationship with that party. He had previously been a vocal UKIP supporter but after falling-out with them, he performed a 180 degree turn and criticised them at every opportunity, devoting a number of blogs to vitriolic abuse of prominent figures in the party.
Response by Greg_L-W.
I never fell out with UKIP and should anyone wish to understand my long support for the basic principles of UKIP and its foundation aims over more than 15 years they are welcome to study the facts see the EXACT details at: CLICK HERE

At around the same time, Anne Greig had lost faith in the “Stolen Kids” blog and, having decided that she could no longer tolerate Watkins’ obnoxious behaviour, he was effectively “sacked” from the campaign on April 30th 2010.

You will not be surprised to know this is a lie – though it may be what Anne Greig told Green!
Anne lost her temper with me when she was unable to provide a single solitary shred of valid admissable evidence to back the STORIES she had been telling – She was unable to cope with the reality that she seemingly had invented the entire febrile tissue of fantasy surrounding Hollie and her brother’s suicide and the failure of her marriage and inability to cope with the relationship with either her husband or son!
No she NEVER fired me – she failed to provide a single fact that she had promised me by the deadline I had given her and I announced that I believed I had made a mistake in believing the STORIES she had spun and apologised for having promoted the fantasies surrounding Hollie & Roy.
 In similar fashion to his volte-face with UKIP, he devoted the “Stolen Kids” blog to attacking Hollie’s campaign for justice. Rather than admit to being sacked he claimed to have suddenly realised that everything Anne and Hollie was saying was a pack of lies. From May to December 2010 Watkins’ spewed forth bile virtually on a daily basis and subjected myself and dozens of other Hollie supporters to torrents of abuse.
Response by Greg_L-W.
Those who have read my blogs on the subject will appreciate the dishonesty of this claim and will have noted the fact that I systematically analysed the so called evidence and presented what I believed to be the facts.

I was various described as “a menace to the good function of society”, “a dangerous, irresponsible, criminal liar” and “a Snake Oil Salesman”.
Response by Greg_L-W.
In the light of the facts and the judgement of The Courts one can hardly describe these statements of fact as in any way unreasonable!
 A handful of Hollie supporters struck back at Watkins and it was not difficult to expose him for what he really was. The claims of being educated at Cambridge and Sandhurst  were soon found to be false, and evidence emerged of a pattern of disturbed behaviour.
Response by Greg_L-W.
This is a lie as the facts show – Not one of the claims can be substantiated and seem nothing more than a desperate effort of dishonesty to try to defame me (consider the source!).
He applauds the murder of an elected politician.
Response by Greg_L-W.
For the facts do see: CLICK HERE
He claims that Gordon Brown is a paedophile and that his wife was paid £140,000 to marry him (at 1.16.50 in the video link below).
Response by Greg_L-W.
I suggest you watch the video in full and draw your own conclusions and also note the facts presented, as criticised by Green, featured in the main stream media by allusion!
One could easily dismiss Watkins as simply a deranged fantasist but there are reasons to believe that he may have sinister connections. Consider the following questions:
Response by Greg_L-W.
Something of a failure to identify any ‘sinister’ connections follows from the proven liar and fantasist Green:
Why has Watkins never been arrested and charged when he has named alleged paedophiles on his blog ? This is the crux of the criminal charges against myself and the Crown Office consistently refuse to answer this question.
Response by Greg_L-W.
The fact that I published the list produced and distributed in Edinborough by Robert Green & Stuart Usher previously and published on the internet by Peter Eyer and others may well have something to do with why I was not arrested further the fact that I published a correction and apology at the first oportunity when the list was found to be a tissue of lies of no substance in terms of admissable evidence!
Following the raid on Anne and Hollie’s home in June 2010 how did Watkins come into the possession of family photographs which were removed by the police ?
Response by Greg_L-W.
The answer is very simple – though Green has NEVER identified which photos he alludes to! – Anne Greig’s son Greg MacKie mailed me a file of family photographs from Portugal and wrote to me several times in the hope that I could intercede to effect a reconciliation between him and his mother, as he was on the verge of marrying and wanted his mother to meet his bride to be and also as his father had had a severe corunary incident and was a very sick man.
How did Watkins know about certain statements which were made at my court appearance in January 2011 which were not made public ?
Response by Greg_L-W.
Did Green not notice members of the public and the media present in the court – it is dishonest and disingenuous of Green to try to pretend I published material unknown to any other members of the public!


  1. GL-W is (most likely) a paid dis-info agent. He now pops up as a link on the website devoted to the memory of Christopher Story. This website was set up by his old friend, ex-MEP Ashley Mote. Mr Mote told me that he had been a friend of GL-W for many years. Story’s reporting was very controversial, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to attempt to get into it, he would win the Olympic gold medal for speed writing. However, he did state a couple of times that Madeleine McCann was stolen to order for the current head of the European Commission. This Portuguese chap has previous connections with Paedophile groups.


    Interestingly, when Story reported the Portugal link I made enquiries through the ‘Find Madeleine’ website, and Leicestershire Police. Neither were interested in following it up, and the latter didn’t even have a case number. This seemed strange seeing as they had billed the public for £750,000 for their investigations.

    These ‘clubs’ are a tough nut to crack.


  2. I remember your home was raided Robert and much was removed. Have the Police returned your property? If not, why are they still withholding it from you?


  3. Hi Robert, Im trying to build a database off all the protest held in the uk.. I want it to be like a telephone directory.. if everyone has one place to look to see whats happening in there are, the chances are mor epeople will turn up as they know whats happening. I have added this blog to the links page and im more then happy to add more. all i need if poss is for you to keep me updated with the dates of any protests or meets so i can update the site..


  4. Hi,

    you are welcome to your opinions – they may even be genuine!

    However virtually every single fact you claim about me is either a lie or just plain wrong – little wonder with such a track record that you fell so foul of the law and proved so very wrong on so many claimed facts pertaining to the STORIES about both Hollie Greig and her uncle’s suicide.

    The one saving grace is that the unfortunate Hollie has no real understanding of the damage you have done to her reputation and those you have accused have larghely dismissed you for the fool you have proved to be!


I trust exposure of the dishonesty of Robert Green is of help and if you have any questions do contact me and I’m sure I can help dispel the fantasies he puts forward.

Do consider the fact that he seems unable to get a single fact correct about me correct it is hardly surprising that he has failed to provide a shred of admissible evidence to support the STORIES he has promoted regarding Hollie Greig or the suicide of her uncle Roy Greig.


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