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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/02/2010

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It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.

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You don’t tend to think that the Scottish Police, Lawyers and legal system are making themselves look totally ridiculous do you?

Chatting with Mum and friends that they have for years resisted investigating the long list of facts I reported to them yet now when Sheriff Graeme Buchanan has taken out local interdicts CLICK HERE (which are legally publishable in Scotland and list the FACTS Buchanan wants suppressed and have no validity south of the border as there is no such thing as an Interdict in law – probably because south of the border they have woken up to just how corrupt legal and police work is in Scotland!)

You really wonder what Grampian Police and their lawyers would do if they caught a criminal!

Our friend Robert Green was kidnapped from a guest house in Aberdeen because he MIGHT cause a breech of the peace by handing out some leaflets on his own in Union Street!!! No honest it isn’t a joke.

Robert was eventually charged with CAUSING a breach of the peace but even then he was refused phone calls to reassure his son or daughter. Eventually after the Grampian Police had given different stories to different people they sent a West Mercian Officer to our house which was a bit scarey as we didn’t know what had happened, just that Robert had disapeared. The people in the Guest House The Jays in Aberdeen which seems to run a 4 star SAFE HOUSE for the police dobbing in guests who visit from the South – lied and said they didn’t know, when Grampian plod had searched his room and given them back the key after the kidnap!

They held Robert changing their story until they worked out a dishonest script to read out!

They sent at least one Officer some chap called Brian Gedus call #9768 and I think DS Drummond (he seems to answer the questions) sent all the way from Aberdeen to Warrington at public expense – Well Robert is an International Terrorist I guess having crossed the border and POSSIBLY he MIGHT have been going to cause a breach of the peace handing out leaflets! So they used the excuse as a gratuitous attempt to intimidate by burgling his house and stealing a number of his possesions including his computer and seemingly a brand new flat screen still in its box! No message was left and no receipt given – the ‘stuff’ was just stolen by Grampian Police and even Cheshire Police hadn’t a clue what had been stolen!

It gets more ridiculouse when you realise he was held virtually incommunicado for 3 days! Then too ashamed to bring him to Court where this lone Terrorist might be seen …… On Monday afternoon with the route covered by unmarked cars, with a team of special branch a Police escort and an intimidating number of police present Robert Green was smuggled into Stonehaven Court some 15 miles out of Aberdeen.

The farce goes on – too frightened of what Al McQaida might do The case was heard IN CAMERA, so there would be no honest credible witnesses and he was given a hack duty solicitor as his representative! So Denis Daun a local chappie from Stonehaven I presume without much briefing runs against presumably Levy & McKrae I presume as they have been sending out all the miss spelt ungrammatical threatening circulars to all and sundry and of course they work for Ms. Elish Angolini, Sheriff Buchanan, the main Scottish local papers (except The Scotsman).

The farce goes on – dont forget that Peter Watson was involved in the utterly corrupt Dunblane Inquiry and the thoroughly dishonest Snowdrop Campaign that was orchestrated by the police and is thought to have caused the huge increase in gun crimes in Britain.

Don’t forget something I was told, who was the founder of Levy & McKrae, I gather it was the extremist Willy McKrae who had a very colourfull personal social life! He was an SNP extremist with I gather an abiding interest in investigating what was in the bottom of a large number of bottles who eventually died under very suspicious circumstances in 1985, widely believed to be murder ALLEGEDLY an accidental death, what when shot Masonic/Cosa Nostr style with a bullet above the ear! This accident/suicide was quite strange as the car doors were locked and the 45 handgun was found 60 feet away in a burn, having fired two rounds. The scene of the crime was so badly sullied that it almost looked as if it was deliberate and at a later date the Police tried to portray the crime as having taken place somewhere else, such machinations can only be construed as deliberate as such a level of incompetence would have led to police disciplinary procedures surely – but it was in Scotland so I wonder which Scottish lawyers, Banksters and politicians were emboilled in that! It probably involved The Spec

You may find the article in The Scottish Daily Record of interest CLICK HERE

Also don’t forget that Kenny MacAskill worked with Peter Watson and his cronies at Levy & McKrae!

Back to the farce – Finally Robert Green during a 15 minute hearing where we gather he made no pleading, was released on bail! IN CAMERA – Robert was bailed we gather being the major international terrorist who MIGHT have caused a breach of the peace IF he had handed out leaflets! Well we hear the terms of the bail include he is not allowed to tell the truth about Mum and I and he isn’t allowed to discuss us! On top of that in a completely unreasonable condition he is obliged to present at Warrington Police Station three times a week – aren’t they making fools of themselves in Scotland as if this major international terrorist charged with maybe, possibly, perhaps causing a breach of the peace if he might have possibly handed out some leaflets in Union Street.

Scotland is making a fool of itself!

Legal aide to Hollie’s family in abuse claim appears in court
man accused of breaching the peace

By Leanna MacLarty

Published: 16/02/2010

THE legal adviser to the family of a disabled woman who claims she was abused by a paedophile ring as a child has appeared in court charged with breach of the peace.

Robert Green, 63, appeared from custody at Stonehaven Sheriff Court yesterday accused of an offence spanning eight months.

The political hopeful represents the mother of Hollie Greig, a 30-year-old woman with Down’s Syndrome.

Hollie claims she was sexually assaulted by a Scottish sheriff, who is still serving, and a senior Grampian Police officer who is now dead.

Green is alleged to have committed a breach of the peace between June 9, 2009, and February 12 this year in the Ferryhill, Bridge of Don, Bieldside and Woodside areas of Aberdeen.

A handful of Green’s supporters gathered at the court for yesterday’s hearing, while a few more arrived at Aberdeen Sheriff Court expecting him to appear there.

Green, of 4 Birchdale Road, Warrington, Cheshire, appeared in private on petition before Sheriff James Hendry.

He made no plea and was released on bail.

He was represented during the brief hearing by Stonehaven solicitor Denis Daun.

Green was arrested on Friday as he made his way to the centre of Aberdeen to hand out leaflets.

He is understood to have been heading for Union Street to tell people about Hollie’s case and his plans to contest the Aberdeen South parliamentary seat as an independent candidate.

Green had been staying at a bed and breakfast in King Street.

The B&B was searched by police following the arrest.

Hollie claims she was abused for 14 years from the age of six and has given the police the names of some of the men she alleges assaulted her.

The 30-year-old and her mother, Anne, have been campaigning for criminal proceedings since 2000.

The abuse is alleged to have taken place in Aberdeen, and Hollie and her mother claim to have made a statement at Bucksburn police station in July that year naming those involved.

The family moved to Shropshire and two Grampian Police officers travelled to Shrewsbury in September last year to re-interview Hollie at a special facility.

Last month, the Crown Office said there was not enough reliable evidence to proceed with the case.

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