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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/02/2010

This site was first posted on on 22-Oct-2012 and material from the original
http://StolenKids-HollieGreig.blogspot.com were imported upto 03-Mar-2010.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.

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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Terrified Scottish Establishment
Desperate To Suppress
Exposure Of Their Paedophile Ring

A ring that connects into the ‘heart’ (wrong word) of the Scottish and British governments and the Westminster Parliament and involved Dunblane mass child killer, Thomas Hamilton.

Robert GREEN

Reporter Robert Green was arrested in Aberdeen for the crime of exposing these sick and depraved people who get their ‘kicks’ from sexually abusing and raping children, including the Down’s Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig – but was released from court after a massive phone and email protest from all over the United Kingdon and indeed the world.

Robert GREEN

But we must not let this issue drop – it must be followed through to its conclusion. Please help.

Anne GREIG & her daughter
Hollie GREIG


there are 5 more videos in this series exposing the truth by Robert GREEN


Thomas Hamilton, Dunblane killer, Freemasonic paedophile and procurer of children for the Scottish ‘elite’

Hey, Scottish ‘elite’. You can cancel the laxative order. It won’t be necessary.

I can tell you after 20 years of full-time research in now 50 countries that paedophilia and Satanism are the ‘cement’ that hold the establishment structure together in every country, not least Scotland – and the two are fundamentally connected.

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You may intimidate the pathetic media of Scotland, but you don’t intimidate me (unintimidatable, by the way).

Now issue a libel writ and let’s get all of this out into the public arena so everyone can see what lies under the stone. Come on, make my day.


Yes, you can – but you bloody don’t. Hypocrite.

Angiolini: Covering for Paedophilia?

‘For those of us following the Hollie Greig case, it is particularly shocking that when challenged about the lack of action from Scotland’s prosecutors and the police, instead of a statement from the Lord Advocate stating her position, a persistent stream of threatening letters from a Mr Callum Anderson of Scottish law firm, Levy & McRae have been issued on her behalf.

The question that sprung to my mind when I saw these communications was, what is Ms Angiolini, the Lord Advocate of Scotland, afraid of that she feels the need to hide behind solicitors letters?

And then, a kind member of the public pointed us to a previous incident reported on by the Telegraph, involving Ms Angiolini in her role as Procurator Fiscal for Grampian, Highlands and Islands.’

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On Friday, February 12th reporter Robert Green was arrested by Scottish police in an effort to silence him:

Scottish ‘Justice’ Secretary linked to Lord Advocate’s lawyers after Police arrest journalist over reporting of Aberdeen Paedophile gang claims


‘Journalist & Broadcaster Robert Green was arrested by Grampian Police on Friday. Scotland’s Crown Office are said to be heavily involved in the arrest in Aberdeen on Friday of the well known England based journalist & broadcaster Robert Green, who travelled to the Grampian area late Thursday to attend a public protest against the lack of action by Scotland’s law enforcement agencies to prosecute identified individuals in an Aberdeen based paedophile gang, names which include key members of Scotland’s legal establishment and even a local Sheriff, who stand accused of serial abuse of disabled victims, including downs syndrome girl, Hollie Greig.

Grampian Police arrested journalist on ‘breach of the peace’. Grampian Police apparently swooped on Mr Green before he was even able to attend Friday’s planned protest, taking him into custody earlier in the morning on a charge of breach of the peace, which Mr Green had been detained on, until his appearance tomorrow (Monday) at Aberdeen Sheriff court, where ironically, Mr Green will be taken before a colleague of a Sheriff who was identified by one of the abuse victims as being an alleged member of the paedophile gang at the centre of the case, who are accused of abusing disabled victims & also passing vulnerable children around their ranks.”

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Lies, Damned Lies and Scottish Justice

Lawyers for the Lord Advocate of Scotland Elish Angiolini threaten UKColumn over Hollie Greig postings

‘Levy & McRae were abusive and threatening in their calls to the UKColumn and they have sent a number of communications alleging that they act on behalf of the Scottish Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini. Levy & McRae refuse to state whether they act for Mrs Angiolini in her official position and capacity, or her capacity as a private individual.

Peter WATSON of Levy & McRae
Normally reliable sources close to the Scottish Government allege that Angiolini has been using Scottish taxpayers money to pay Levy & McRae – including legal threats to Google over their exposure of the Hollie Greig paedophile abuse. Levy & McRae’s actions are further compounded by their recent reference to Sheriff Buchanan. who was named by Robert Green in his public statement. It is not clear if Levy & McRae are also acting for Buchanan.’
Sheriff Graeme Buchanan –
named by Hollie Greig and Robert Green

‘Deeper research reveals other strange facts in the Hollie Greig abuse scandal. Colin McKerracher, the Chief Constable of Grampian Police – the force which failed to investigate Hollie Greig’s abuse, but can arrest Robert Green for speaking out – is Chairman of the North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee NESCPC. He is the main signatory of NESCPC’s 2008 – 2009 business plan.’

Colin McKerracher, the Chief Constable of Grampian Police, the force which failed to investigate Hollie Greig’s abuse, but then arrested Robert Green for trying to do what the police should have done, is Chairman of the North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee??

Why would someone act like this in relation to the Hollie Greig case and Robert Green and be a top name in ‘child protection’? Maybe you can work it out. I have.

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Hollie Greig’s blog about her abusers and reporter, Robert Green, who has been arrested for exposing the Scottish establishment paedophile ring

My god the establishment is pathetic. The brave ‘men’ and ‘women’ who force a Down’s syndrome child and her mother to flee from Scotland to England to get away from their abuse and intimidation. You’ve got brains the size of a processed pea and balls the size of peanuts.

But it is comeuppance time, chaps. It’s just a matter of when and it is getting closer every day … tick, tick, tick …

(By the way, the peanut analogy also applies to the mainstream media who say the story is ‘too hot to handle’. No, no. It’s just that you are so fundamentally challenged in the testicle department that you have not got the guts to handle it. My god what are you men or mice? Never mind the children, eh? Your own back is all that matters.)

Click here to read Hollie’s blog (written with help from her mum) …

Please circulate Hollie’s blog address far and wide


Ahhhh, there you are. Is that a ‘journalist’ behind you?

‘Your Scotland, Your Voice’ – unless you are a Down’s syndrome girl serially-abused by ‘pillars’ of the Scottish establishment. Then they chase you out of the country and arrest the man who is trying to win you justice, eh, Mr Salmond?

Please contact Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish Parliament, and demand that action is taken in this case … email: firstminister@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

Please also email Scottish Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini and demand that she stop the cover up of horrific child abuse by the Scottish ‘elite’ … email elish.angiolini@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

Thousands have contacted these people to protest from all over the United Kingdom and indeed the world in the last few days.
Please can we keep it up.
Thank you.


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