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SK-H013 – re MURDER Robert Greig 17-Nov-2009

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/11/1997

SK-H013 – to Marcus RYDER BBC 11-Nov-2009

(SK-H013 – re MURDER Robert Greig 17-Nov-2009)

also posted at 17-Nov-1997 re murder of: Robert David Greig

From: bluesmangreen@hotmail.com
To: marcus.ryder@bbc.co.uk
Subject: RE: Letter to Robert green
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 10:32:01 +0000

Dear Mr Ryder,

It has taken a full five months for the BBC to address the allegations that I have continually and public made about its conduct in the Hollie Greig case and related issues in Scotland of organised rape gangs that prey on children
and adults with learning disabilities.

Your response betrays the reason for your tardiness in even attempting to defend your conduct.

The fact is,the BBC has no defence whatsover, as is made transparently clear by this belated, feeble and hopeless attempt.

I do not necessarily wish to go over old ground ad infinitum, but as this exchange will be read by many people both in and out of Scotland, I will deal with the points you make.

You were provided with full documentation from Anne and Hollie at the end of April. Having seen this Mark Daly repeatedly gave a firm undertaking that programmes would go ahead (no “provisional” was ever mentioned).

If, as you state, you did not feel you had enough evidence, then why did you send three of your most experienced journalists six weeks later from Glasgow to Shropshire to interview Anne and Hollie. On that day, 4th June, the journalists gave another firm undertaking that the programmes would be broadcast in August and September.

I`m sure you will accept that your fragile explanation just does not stand up. Also what has happened to the other cases in Scotland the team told us about, including a young Down`s Syndrome in the Glasgow area who was being systematically sexually abused with no-one to protect her?

The sudden and still unknown reversal in the BBC`s attitude took place on the 10th June. I am already aware that the Crown Office, no doubt at Mrs Angiolini`s instigation, have regularly attempted to intimidate the media into silence on this issue, so I have little doubt that you too have come under pressure from the Scottish political and judicial hierarchy, despite your protestations.

Additionally, we have long suspected that at least one member of BBC`s senior executives was involved in child sex crimes. This became more clear with the recent Martyn Smith affair. No wonder the BBC has no interest in protecting the most vulnerable members of society from sexual abuse. The true reasons for the threats against Mark Daly and the team, not only in Hollie`s case, but in all the other similar crimes, must be obvious to anyone.

There is no doubt that both verbally and in writing, the team believed that Hollie was a competent and truthful witness and any slippery attempts to get out of this on your part are false and pointless. Even the police have accepted that Hollie is telling the truth and therefore, all members of the rape gang are guilty as alleged.

On the 8th September, I listened whilst Hollie was interviewed in Shrewsbury by the Grampian Police.
It was the most harrowing I have ever heard, in which Hollie spent three and a half hours, repeating what she had told the same force in 2000. Hollie had to relive all her rape ordeals, in detail, at the hands of the gang members. When asked how many times, her answer was the same, “over and over”. It is a phrase that will haunt me for a long time to come.

The one positive aspect was the absolutely heroic stance of Hollie Greig, who withstood the necessarily difficult questions with calmness, precision and dignity. She is a woman of true stature and an example to everyone who has faced the similar horrors of group rape. Significantly, a very high proportion of the rapes and abuse took place in the home of Sheriff Buchanan`s sister, Evelyn.

I have little doubt that even you would not have contemplated writing such an e-mail had you witnessed this.

I see that you have again thrown in the nonsensical, baseless and frankly insulting reference to Anne`s medical history. Of course, the crimes were committed against Hollie and hence, anything to do with Anne in this regard has got absolutely nothing to do with the case, a fact of which you must surely be aware.

However, for the benefit of readers unfamiliar with your insinuation, I will briefly go over the facts, as it demonstrates perfectly the sheer scale of the evil lengths the authorites will go to in covering up for the eminent criminals by attempting to destroy anyone who is brave enough to stand up to them.

Anne and Hollie attended Buckburn Police Station on 25th August 2000, when all the other members of the gang, after her earlier naming of Denis and Greg Mackie, were provided.

After the rapes first came to light, Anne was warned by Denis Mackie that “he could have her sectioned whenever he wanted”. Mackie was an oil rig worker.

On the 5th September 2000, a team of ten, led by Dr Alastair Palin, arrived at the flat Anne and Hollie shared, forcibly injecting, then dragging Anne into a waiting vehicle, in front of a distraught Hollie. This, in retrospect, was nothing less than a criminal assault and abduction, as no written authority for Palin`s action has been discovered.

Palin, meanwhile, decided that Anne was schizophrenic. She managed to get away from Cornhill mental institution and went straight to an eminent doctor in this field, Dr Ellen Smith, asking her to make a thorough analysis. Dr Smith provided a five-page assessment, which concluded that Anne was not schizophrenic and indeed had no serious mental problems whatsoever. Even Palin was forced to withdraw his analysis in writing.

As you had copies of both these documents in your possession, it is outrageous that you should use this as a reason and only serves to underline the hopelessness of your position.

Attempts by these desperate highly placed individuals to destroy those with the honour and courage to stand up to them continue. Two weeks ago, John Smithies, Down`s Syndrome Association press officer and stauch supporter of the cause of Hollie and others who had been similarly abused, was summarily dismissed by Chief Executive Carol Boys by daring to try to protect Down`s Syndrome sex abuse victims by drawing attention in an internal document, already published articles about Hollie`s case.

What has happened to Mr Smithies is a disgrace and Carol Boys has clearly betrayed those she is paid to protect by her craven and treacherous conduct.

There are other important pieces of information that have recently come to light, including Hollie`s medical records that state that she had genital warts in 1990 and that staff at Beechwood School were concerned about Hollie`s conduct towards other pupils, which included pelvic thrusting consistent with having had sexual experience.

All this was covered up and, of course, Mackie was never questioned and Anne was never even informed about what was almost certainly happening to her young daughter.

It is sickening to an unimaginable degree.

The are other important issues that will be brought into the public domain, including the overwhelmingly likelihood of the murder of Robert David Greig, Anne`s brother, on the night of 17th November 1997, on a lonely road north of Aberdeen.

I trust that I have finally given you enough information to convince you that you are wrong and that the BBC`s position is untenable.

However, if you still honestly disagree, I would like to offer you the opportunity to discuss the Hollie Greig case on live television with me. You may also invite the First Minister and perhaps, especially, the Lord Advocate to take part.

In that way, we shall be able to give the people of Scotland the opportunity to have an opinion on what must surely be one the most horrifying cases in Scottish history and a matter of overwhelming public interest.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Robert Green

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