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The Hollie Greig Hoax


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Here are the Full Files of Evidence for the Hollie Greig Hoax. Factual information will be added as it comes to hand, in the body of the blog. But in the mean time, feel free to download any of the evidence which I have provided.

The Full File of all the evidence | All Evidenece

All Documents relating to Anne’s mental health | anne mental health

All info on the travel fund, set up by Belinda | travel fund

The Death Certificate for Ann’s brother Robert Greig


Also please read – http://cuttingthroughtherubbish.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/robert-roy-greig-embezzlement.html

and this – http://cuttingthroughtherubbish.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/robert-roy-greig-suicide-or-murder.html

The Expert Witness Evidence – or Trojan Horse.

Recently, Robert posted a blog called “From Time to Time.”

In it, he mentions what he claims is “Expert Witness testimony” – namely Dr Jack Boyle and Dr Eva Harding.

Let’s take a look then starting with Dr Jack Boyle.

Dr Boyle states a total of ten times “Ms Mackie stated” – which shows that this report is full of information that Ms Mackie gave to Dr Jack Boyle.

Dr Boyle had not seen Dr Margaret Smith’s psychiatric report on Anne. Dr Boyle had not seen the Police transcripts although he did request them. Dr Boyle stated –
Ms Mackie could not give a sensible explanation for her own detainment in a mental institution???

No real surprise.

Dr Boyle had not seen the forensic medical report on Hollie which clearly showed no form of abuse, nor was he aware that Hollie had boyfriends.

In Dr Boyle’s report, Ms Mackie stated that her husband Denis had no particular interest in pornography, was not sexually abusive to her, and did not seriously abuse illegal substances.

Ms Mackie stated that there was little in Mr Mackie’s behaviour towards Hollie that caused her any concerns.

Surely this cannot be construed as a ‘damning’ report?

Dr Boyle finishes by saying that Hollie is describing sexual abuse.

Of course she is – she has been coached to do so, even naming none existent people. If these people don’t exist, how can Hollie have ever known them – and so how can Hollie be telling the truth.

And that’s all.

Moving to Dr Eva Harding’s report, Robert states:

Dr Eva Harding stated that “it is undoubtedly the case that Hollie`s father and brother have sexually abused her over a long period from childhood and probably by others who had access to her”.

Dr Harding interviewed Hollie twice – each for around one hour, and after speaking to her mother Anne for half hour before hand.

It’s important to appreciate that Dr Harding was a psychologist, not a psychiatrist.

Like Dr Boyle, Dr Harding had not seen the forensic medical evidence nor was she aware that Hollie had boyfriends. She based her opinion solely on Hollie’s testimony therefore she was woefully uninformed and completely unqualified to make such a statement.

We have had these two reports looked at by our own County Council trained Appropriate Adult and in his opinion these reports do not qualify as “Expert witness evidence.”

Just like the CICA payment, when you examine the detail there is no evidence of anything.

Robert also points to an early Police document stating:
This is a document that can be seen in full her on our website concerning a communication to CICA.

Robert fails to explain in a correspondence dated 24th September 2003, from D.I. Alley to Ms Smith:
All the police had to go on was Hollie’s testimony and the fact that she was not a virgin – there was no other conclusion they could come to but one of “probability.”

In the same correspondence “In March 2003, Mrs Mackie, through her solicitor, alleged that two children of a former carer of Hollie’s had also been abused by the adults previously named. This was found not to be the case and a further allegation that these children had abused Hollie was made. These children had been previously included in a list of persons alleged to have abused Hollie. This was re¬investigated but also found not to be the case.”

Of course nothing was ever investigated according to Robert Green and his conspiracy cohorts.

Also, Robert has failed to show you a correspondence dated 23rd July 2003 from Nicola Smith to D.I. Alley stating: “I enclose a note from Aberdeen Social Work files we received from Catherine Mason, Senior Social Worker of the Community Health Team. I would, in particular, draw your attention to paragraph two. This is a note of a telephone conversation with one of your officers, Leanne Davidson. She apparently confirmed that Mrs Mackie is continually making allegations to the police about people abusing Hollie. She is adding to this list of people all the time. Leanne feels that Mrs Mackie is putting words into Hollie’s mouth though the police will continue to investigate. The police can find no substance to the allegations of being followed and her husband poisoning her and Hollie.”

Robert also fails to show you the PCCS report where the Police and appropriate adult state they have serious concerns about a long list of abusers Hollie names.

Of course Robert makes other ludicrous claims like we are backed by Peter Watson, of Levy & McRae.

No Robert – you seem to have forgotten, we originally supported your campaign – until we examined the evidence that is.

But it would seem you would prefer to think we are just attacking you….rather than protecting innocent people from your vile and abusive allegations.

We have noticed however that recently you keep attempting to exonerate yourself by saying you are only going on what Hollie has said and the evidence.

Trying to blame a disabled girl is a new low – even for your Robert.

Sourced from CLICK HERE

The issue should have concluded when on 04-Mar-2015 Robert Green confessed in a Court of Law that he was guilty of campaigning, slandering and libelling numerous innocent people, without valid evidence.

Robert Green further admitted to the Court what he had done wrong and conceded that his actions had as a result caused caused suffering and pain to innocent people and effected their lives.

This should mean that the Hollie Greig Scam/Stories/Campaign is finally exposed as having been a monstrous lie and finally over.

I fear that the fact that the lie has been exposed; in an admission of guilt by Robert Green, its principle inventor and promoter; will by some of the various unbalanced, corrupt and dishonest others, who joined in the tissue of lies and promoted the campaign will continue to lie about Hollie Greig, claiming they were and still are right and that the facts exposing the campaign were contrived as some kind of establishment cover up!

They are that deranged/dishonest!

You will no doubt recall that several years ago I publicly denounced the Hollie Greig and provided, in detail, my evidence and debunked the so called evidence of Robert Green’s document by document, item by item -This led to me receiving death threats, a plethora of hate mail, villification and the deranged maunderings of the l;ikes of degenerates like Matt Quinn, David Icke, Robert McKendrick, Brian Gerrish, Belinda McKenzie etc. in a slew of web sites, blogs and commentaries on the internet – sites that still continue to carry their unfounded fantasies and vituperative bile.

Obviously utilising their criminal connections, someone amongst the scoundrels seeking to perpetuate their myths about Hollie Greig utilised a ‘hacker’ to take control of my web site exposing the lie and removed the evidence that proved the fact that eventually Robert Green admitted in Court that: The Hollie Greig stories were a pack of mallicious and unfounded lies!

Astonishingly there are still those who dishonestly and deliberately seek to perpetuate the lies. Therefore I have set out on this web site to seek to once again provide the deffinitive proof for those who may be innocently slandered and libelled, caused pain or just been very gullible and believed the scoundrels criminally seeking to perpetuate the stories that were invented as a result of Robert Green’s astonishing dishonesty.

There will, no doubt, still be low lifes and the deranged who will seek to perpetuate the lies and denigration that was heaped on me for having exposed the dishonesty of the Hollie Greig scam.
I believe there is no wrong time to do the right thing and will therefore continue to seek to quosh the lies Robert Green and his followers invented and peddled and the comments of the corrupt leave me totally uneffecterd as my friends know who I am and that I have acted with integrity and the views of others who I do not know – I do not value!


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