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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/03/2010

This site was first posted on on 22-Oct-2012 and material from the original
http://StolenKids-HollieGreig.blogspot.com were imported upto 03-Mar-2010.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the STORIES surrounding allegations of abuse of Hollie Greig are a dishonest and malicious hoax promoted by Anne Greig, Robert Green, Stuart Usher and others.

I freely admit I was conned into support of the claims, based upon lies and promises of evidence that never materialised. I apologise to anyone who may feel they have thus been defamed by my error.

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You will be pleased to know that the Hollie Greig case may have been suppressed by the forces of evil in Scotland but the rest of the world is putting Scotland, corruption, Aberdeen Sex Abuse of Children, the Police on the map.

If Aberdeen isn’t prepared to do something about this it will seem that sex abuse of children and the disabled is not just endenic but systemic as The System is suppressing the FACTS.

One wonders if, as Cambodia, Thailand and the like are slowly closed down whether Aberdeen could become the next great centre for sex tourism as clearly the SNP & Labour run the Scottish legal system as they intend in Scotland:

‘Tough as a Criminal and Tough on the Victims of Criminals’

The Hollie Greig abuse, Aberdeen, her abusers and the corrupt Scottish legal system with details of The Spec. are becoming known world wide.

The forces of evil have clearly reached panic proportions as again and again they seek to suppress the facts – The Robert Green video has been taken down from site after site with all the attention to detail that it seems they have learned from taking down the knickers of children!

Now ONE of the Facebook sites has been taken down which had over 10,000 members world wide.

The story in The Palestine Telegraph has been published again and again on blogs around the world and the 5 full stories so far have done much to raise the profile – they can all be found on this blog with links to the International Paper.

Manchester Radio covered the story the other evening and if you want to hear it you can find it at:
The main recording at the top is easy to note but there is one on the right hand side ‘Dave from Aberdeen’ also.

Then last night the subject was the main feature of an EU programme which is listened to across the EU but primarily in Spain & Portugal – if anyone can find an iPod listing for that just drop it into the comments section on this blog. Thanx.

At the moment Anne & Hollie are recording a programme that is being broadcast on Sunday next.

Later this evening the story will be on American radio across the States. Anne & Hollie have a pre arranged incoming call for that one, where they will beam out live to the world.

Then there is the world meeeja and interviews have already been done by at least one newspaper in India and we are informed we should expect coverage in the Spanish Language and English language papers in Spain and also in Portugal.

‘Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable – expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,
it is for the gratification of the inadequate

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